RT Software multiple tOG-Sports case study

Business situation
Sports is one of the key content areas for Sky, not just the production and transmission of the sporting events but also studio shows structured around the often live events. Increasingly, adding analysis graphics to video – or telestration – is a key part of the content. Sky already use tOG-Sports systems to do this both live at the game and in the studio shows. At the game they use multiple systems to insert virtual logos on the pitch and for “quick replays” such as 5th tackle and advantage lines in rugby. In the anchor shows at the studios systems are used with sports clip content, either with pre-prepared telestration graphics created by an operator before the show and / or live analysis on the video by the presenter using a touchscreen or tablet device on air in the studio.
Sky’s new production facility in Brentford, England meant that many studios could potentially use tOG-Sports in live shows and although Sky had purchased multiple systems over the years, it was not sensible to dedicate one system to each studio – especially for the occasional or temporary use scenarios. Thus the decision was made to centralise resources and establish an efficient workflow for the creation of a high volume of analysis clips and a presentation capability across more studios than they had systems.
The desire was to have a solution that gave easy access to Sky’s extensive library of sports content, a dedicated operator area for preparation of analysis clips, the ability to distribute graphically enhanced clips as required, an infrastructure where many studios could make use of centralised systems with minimal setup being required, and where use within any one studio was personalised to meet the specific needs of the show or the sport concerned.

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