Embracing standards and high functionality

Our graphic engines include support for network based remote control as standard, making them perfect for:

  • Integration with 3rd party systems.
  • Playout graphics, with integral DVE capability.
  • Newsroom graphics.
  • Multi-camera virtual studios.
  • Synchronised multi-region solutions.

Industry standards such as MOS, PBAK and our own protocol are included. This is implemented via an open plug in architecture making it quick and easy to extend functionality or add a new protocol.

Network control can be supplemented with our other control options, for example to add manual WebControl based functionality for handling breaking news graphics.

Conversely our solutions can control remote devices such as replay servers and switchers using a variety of protocols including Lynx, AMP and serial / Sony 9-Pin.


Key Features and Benefits of Network and Serial Control

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Support for industry standard graphics protocols

Our Live graphics rendering engine supports popular industry standards for driving graphics such as PBAK, MOS etc. along with Active-X for newsroom environments.

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Plugin architecture for control protocols

The plug in architecture for control protocols means existing protocols can be extended and new protocols added without the need for a new release of software.

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Our own published control protocol

We have our own published protocol that is optimised for working with our Live graphics rendering engines. Available in JSON, C# and C++ wrappers

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Serial and GPI Support

Supplementing our more sophisticated network based protocols we also support serial control including Sony 9-pin along with hardware based GPI control.

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Excellent support for leading Replay Servers

Video replay servers from leading vendors are supported with high degrees of sophistication using established protocols such as AMP and LYNXS.