Manual selection, population and control of graphics

Playout is a Windows application that gives users the ability to select, populate and put a graphic to air, either individually or in a run down list. It has an intuitive user interface well suited to the needs of live graphics in the truck or gallery. Operators will immediately feel at home with it, thus minimising training requirements and the time taken to adopt it.

There is intelligence between the graphics templates being used and the Playout interface. When a graphic is selected a dialogue box will appear inviting the operator to make any required inputs or validate automated data and inputs. This makes Playout perfect for use alongside automated playout for manual checks and corrections.

With the right hardware and licencing in place it’s standard dialogue box previewing capabilities can be extended to include a full graphical preview of graphics when cued ready for transmission.

It can run on the rendering PC or any PC on the network, and is included with the Swift or Edit-3d creation licence.


Key Features and Benefits of Playout

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Easy to use

Tailored for live production environments, Playout requires no formal training yet gives users the ability to quickly select, populate and take to air graphics as required.

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Protects corporate branding

The choice of graphic templates available to the operator is controlled by the log-in and customisable elements within the graphic template are locked down at the creation stage.

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Preview option

Users can have a visual preview of the next graphic required. This option requires an appropriate licence and may require additional hardware.

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Correct bad data

If graphics use content from external sources then the standard Playout functionality includes the ability to check and if necessary correct such data.

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Flexible configuration

Playout can be configured to control multiple render instances – so perfect for multi-camera VR studios or multi-language outputs. Conversely multiple instances of Playout can control one render instance.


All RT Software broadcast products are available as perpetual license, annual Right to Use (RTU) licences and also options for short term hire.

“Playout” is included in the RT Software editors (Swift and Edit-3d) as a way of proofing graphics in a more production like workflow. This means that:

  • The edit station could be used to control over a network connection graphics being put to air from an RT Software rendering engine.
  • The edit station could be upgraded with the addition of a “Live” render engine and appropriate hardware and used to put graphics to air directly.

Playout is also licenced separately and so can be deployed as and where needed, running on a Windows PC in the gallery for example.

Adding Preview to Playout.

If the edit or Playout PC has an appropriate nVidia gpu hardware it can also be upgraded with the “Preview” option to provide a graphics preview before transmission.

Implementation and deployment of Playout will touch on 2 main user groups:


Graphics designers Playout is used to test graphics and stacks of graphics by the designer. The designer also exposes fields within graphics to the Playout interface so this is also tested through the Playout interface.. Included in Swift and Edit-3d training courses.
Graphics operators Graphics operators use Playout to select, populate if needed and take to air graphics. No training required, just brief familiarisation.


Full details on Training are here…