WebControl. Scalable, distributable and secure graphics control

WebControl is an enterprise class approach to graphics control offering flexibility, scalability and security. It has three elements:

WebControl. The client service running in a Chrome browser.
This is built using JSON and CSS so it can be customised and extended by a web programmer.

DataServer. The back end running on a Windows PC for handling administration and serving the web clients.

WebPreview. Delivering an optional preview capability to the web client. Requires the DataServer PC to have appropriate licensing and an
nVidia GPU environment.


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Key Features and Benefits of WebControl

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Ease of use on air

WebControl requires no formal training yet gives users the ability to quickly select, populate and take to air graphics as required. This is based on action buttons and / or a running order. The user experience is tailored specifically to the job at hand, vastly simplifying the interface and making life easy for the operator.

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The user interface is simply a Chrome browser page delivered over the network. The standard interface is rich in functionality and can be modified using web programming skills for tailoring to specific graphics tasks and even extending to add control of 3rd party systems such as studio lighting.

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Preview option

The DataServer delivering the Chrome based user screens can be configured to provide a preview where required. This will require the addition of an nVidia GPU and the Preview licence and will reduce the number of supportable concurrent users (to circa 8 per server).

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Safe and resilient

DataServer administration ensures each user is profiled with password protected access to resources they need to do their job. They can use any Chrome browser and the back end server is easily mirrored, resulting in an extremely robust production environment.

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Flexible configuration

The web approach makes for flexible control – be it a one to many or many to one approach. In a complex multi camera virtual studio or a multi screen sporting venue control of specific elements within the overall tasks can be safely distributed amongst the users.

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Our web based control approach is inherently scalable. Additional DataServers can be added as required and Chrome browsers are typically freely available on the network.


Technical Specifications

WebControl is a HTML5 application running inside a Chrome browser that allows an operator to select graphics, specify data for them, preview them and play them out on RT Software graphics systems.

The HTML5 application is served by another application (DataServer) which also provides login, session, security, data and control services.

There is an option to add graphics preview services.

WebControl can be customised and extended by the user. From a software perspective there are two elements a programmer needs to be across:

  • JSON based preference files.
  • CSS based screen layouts.

Full technical details are available the the WebControl manual available here…


All RT Software broadcast graphics products run on Commercial “off the Shelf” hardware (COTS) available from local suppliers.
For the recommended and supported hardware for this application see here


Licencing and Scalability

All RT Software broadcast products are available as perpetual license, annual Right to Use (RTU) licences and also options for short term hire.

For a WebControl deployment you will need:

WebControl licence(s) This is a token allowing the DataServer to start a web based client session, thus allowing a user to control graphics. These are floating licences and sufficient licences are required to support the maximum number of concurrent users.
DataServer licence The DataServer hosts the client sessions and a single DataServer can support multiple clients. Whilst scaling is situation dependent we would expect a DataServer would support 32 concurrent users.
WebPreview licence WebPreview is an option for the DataServer that adds a preview capability for the users. It requires a graphics specification workstation / server with nVidia GPU environment. Whilst scaling is situation dependent we would expect a DataServer with Preview option would support 8 concurrent users.

Implementation and deployment of WebControl will touch on 3 main user groups:

System Installation and Administration This is a straight forward web service application running on an Apache web server installed on a Windows 7 or more recent release. Installation and administration is fully documented. 3 Hours of Training (if required)
Customising and extending the web interface Web programmers conversant with JSON will quickly feel at home working with WebControl. They will need to supplement their programming skills with the concept of inputs within graphics templates. 3 Hours of Training (if required)
Using WebControl to drive graphics Users will need to familiarise themselves with a few basic concepts along with any customised interface specifics 1 – 2 hours of Training (if required)