Studio Engineers: Lens Calibration

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Course Overview

This course is aimed at broadcast engineering staff.  Calibrated camera lenses are vital to the successful implementation and delivery of a virtual set.  This course is designed to enable technical staff to understand the calibration process for a wide range of lenses used in different environments. This course is only available onsite.

Course objectives

To enable Broadcast engineers to calibrate lenses for use with VR and AR projects.

Course Schedule

Day 1
Theory, setup and procedures
Hands-on – setup & procedures

Day 2
Putting theory into practice
Lens tweaking (perfecting ‘less-than-optimal’ calibrations)

What you will need for the course

  • An area to perform the calibration of at least 25m in length
  • Darkened and low-light area
  • Antisocial hours rostering
  • Uninterrupted working conditions

Course environment

  • Available onsite at RT premises or client location (adequate space must be arranged)
    • Duration: 2 days