A truly unique offering… Select the broadcast graphics editor that is right for your use case, with the option to upgrade at any time

Speed and ease of use, Swift

Ultimate power, Edit-3d

Swift – We challenge you to find a quicker and easier broadcast graphics creation tool

Swift delivers the most demanding of on-air graphics yet everything is accessible through a simple and intuitive compositor like interface. It is excellent value and amazingly easy to use with lightning fast workflows.  Furthermore, smart use of pre-rendered movie beds will create graphics with the look and feel of the most expensive systems in the industry. Perfect for the most demanding of screen overlays, plus its support for multiple video channels adds playout graphics to its repertoire.

Edit-3d – Empowering you to create the most demanding of broadcast graphics.

Edit-3d is perfect for applications such as virtual studio and augmented reality where working in z space is a must. Edit-3d has the power to take you there, combined with comprehensive support for the popular 2D and 3D creation tools.  Quality is of paramount importance for these applications and we include a custom shader framework along with PBR support and Unreal integration. Fully compatibility with broadcast graphics created on Swift, our quick and easy to use compositor.


Infrastructure Products – Facilitating the production environment

Automate the ingest of external data or graphic assets into your on air graphic.

Centralised storage, management and distribution of on air graphics.

With MediaWatcher media assets such as images or video clips are automatically converted into a format that that can be used in your on-air graphics. Text data heavy graphics such as results or stats can be automatically updated from feeds such as OPTA, RSS or any Serial feed. The text is automatically ingested, processed and loaded for use.

Invaluable for large installations and multi-camera Virtual Studios.  Repository makes sure graphics are securely delivered and installed in the right place at the right time.  Distribution can be fully automated and / or manually controlled with the added safety of rules based permissions and full roll back.

Compatible with the following preferred creation tools

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