RT Software has partnered with Opta, U-Touch and HP to offer you rental of a fully branded touch screen based studio analysis package for the UEFA Euro 2012 championships.


RT Software’s Rapid Access Touchscreen Solution will dramatically reduce the resource, costs and time needed to deploy a touch based solution for the Euros. The result will be an anchor point of the studio show with comprehensive information and analysis at the heart of it, all led interactively on the giant studio touchscreen by the anchors. If you are planning a studio show around your Euro 2012 coverage, this is an easy to deploy and affordable package that promises to add significant value to your production!

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The solution is based on RT Software’s proven tOG-Sports telestration system, enhanced with a giant U-Touch screen and a set of graphics templates built specifically for the Euro 2012. There is plenty of flexibility in the graphics look & feel and included in the price is customisation of the templates into your style.

Ease of use has been made a priority, with particular attention paid to the data required for a comprehensive analysis of the tournament. To this end we have partnered with Opta to offer a “one stop shop” integrated package. The Opta data-feed will automatically populate all required data fields thus reducing the graphics operator workload significantly – in fact this is effectively an automated system.

The graphics provided will cover all aspects of the tournament such as group tables, team and player statistical analysis, fixtures and results and much, much more (see Included Graphics for a full listing). As the solution includes a tOG Sports Pro licence, two important things are possible:

– Match clips and live presenter telestration is possible on the big screen in the studio.
– An operator can use the system off line to create analysis clips like this.

Video Clip Support

Crucial for a great football show of course – and we give you plenty of well thought out options as to how they can be used. From a workflow perspective they can reside with the VT Operator on the EVS or K2 video server, or they can be loaded onto the local hard disk of the PC we supply.

From a presenter’s perspective it could not be better. Browse thumbnails on the touchscreen; play them out with full shuttle style control – and even use the built in analysis tools to tell the full story. No matter where the clips reside, they are part of the show.

What’s included?

Everything – All you need to get a fully customised touch screen extravaganza on air for the Euros. That means all the hardware, a comprehensive set of graphics, customisation and the Opta data to drive them along with the services to make it look great and work smoothly. There is even a tOG Sports Pro licence so you can also use the system to create great looking analysis clips.

Total Flexibility

We appreciate one size does not always fit all, so this package can be tailored to meet any specific requirements you may have. Bigger screen, iPad control, and specific graphics we have not included. Whatever you want, RT Software can deliver.

Graphics Included

  1. Start page or holding page with Euros logo
    Channel branded background.
  2. All Groups page
    4 groups of 4 teams: A, B, C, D and flags.
  3. Single group page
    1 x group of the 4 teams with Pld, won, lost, drawn, goal diff, scored, and flags etc
  4. Single group match list page
    1 x group of all matches in group as fixtures/results/location/date, and flags
  5. Single game head to head page
    Scores, scorers, cards, flags and top level match stats including shots, offsides, corners, yellow cards, red cards and possessions
  6. Telestration on clips page
    Basic 2d telestration on clips
  7. Team sheets page
    Team sheets for any given team
  8. Team formations page
    Team formation viewer for any given team
  9. Road to finals page – groups, quarter finals & semi-finals stage stage
    Schematic of teams and side of draw flowchart for entire competition
    Includes results and fixtures yet to be decided
  10. Graphics page for Player/Team
    Heatmaps (player) – Plot the location of players’ activity on the virtual pitch or tied to the ‘real’ pitch
    Pass Maps (player) – Plot the location of players’ passes on the virtual pitch
    Touch Maps (player) – Plot the location of players’ touches on the virtual pitch
    Average Formation Graphic (team) – Plot the average positions of players’ in a match
  11. Stats focus page
    Columns for goals, shots, corners, and more stats such as top scorers and yellow cards lists
    Rows for select player/team, touch column to populate
  12. Your Live Web Site
    Running and fully navigable on the touch screen


Data Included / Options
* Live Data Feeds – All games – Included
* Post-Match Data – All Games – Included – Delivered immediately after the final whistle

Additional data can be provided if required:
* Historical Data – £2,000 – This is results based data back to the 1960’s
* Editorial Features – £2,750 for 10 features – Opta proactively push live and pre match stories that would work graphically for Broadcasters. This would include the editorial context surrounding a suggested graphic, and a sample screen shot from Opta.


Hardware Included / Options

* HP z800 broadcast specification PC. HD SDI video in and out.
* Network or serial connection to DDR.
* 1920 x 1200 Operator screen, k/b and mouse
* 65” U-Touch touchscreen (other sizes available)
* USB Repeater


The Euro’s Rapid Access rental package costs £34,995. This includes…
* Hardware as outlined and shipping equipment to you
* Installation of the system on site for up to one month prior to the start of the tournament
* 2 days on site services for installation and training
(both on the Euros graphics and operator training for tOG Sports)
* Connection into EVS / K2 workflow if required
* tOG Sports telestration / analysis system
* Euro touchscreen graphics as outlined
* Customisation of graphics to your house style
* Opta test data for rehearsals
* Opta data feed during tournament
* 2 days on site during early TX use (if required)
* There is an option to retain system after use at additional cost

What is not included…

– Travel and associated costs for on-site services work
– Operator for the entire period (but can be provided at additional cost if required)
– External DDR such as EVS or K2
– Connection of the system to the data feed (internet / WWW connection required)
– Costs of returning all hardware to RT Software

This can include multiple touchscreens, different size screens, iPad control, hot spares, fibre connectors for greater distance cabling runs and plenty of other hardware options. Likewise on the services side we can provide additional graphics or even a totally new application all together. On the operations front, we can provide general assistance and / or a tOG Sports operator if required.