Grass Valley adds sophisticated telestration and analysis functionality to its family of K2 video servers through its support of the tOG-Sports products. To address specific market requirements RTSW offers 2 Grass Valley specific editions of the products:

GV tOG Sports Lite

GV tOG Sports Pro

These are based on the standard tOG-Sports Lite and tOG-Sports Pro products but with the following additional functionality:

–          AMP based remote control of K2

–          Support of GV specific video formats

–          Support of Dyno for control

–          Split screen video graphics

–          GV specific touch screen interface

These are turnkey solutions consisting of a broadcast specification PC, the licenced software, first year Annual Software Support, documentation, on line video tutorials and an on-site installation and training package.

They are available to Grass Valley Sales or to Grass Valler Dealers around the world.

Tightly integrated with the K2 Family

Enhancing the Broadcaster or Production Company’s Output

Resources Available

–          RTSW Grass Valley Brochure

–          Grass Valley Internal Documentation

–          RTSW Demo Video

–          RTSW Set Up Video

–          Demo Licences and Material


tog-sports-gv_septup-150x124 tog-sports-gv_interation tog-sports-gv_interation-150x124 tog-sports-gv_septup

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