Embeddable OEM graphics library

At the heart of all our broadcast graphics products is the powerful rendering engine. It is feature rich, delivering high quality graphics – yet is highly efficient software with a light touch on system resources. This makes it perfect for embedding in third party applications.

Available to you as a dynamic linked library (dll) for Windows applications, it is unique in having two distinct price points:

• rt_dll2d. Our 2D rendering library. Compatible with templates created in Swift.

• rt_dll3d. Our 3D rendering library. Compatible with templates created in Edit-3d.

The rich video handling capabilities of the engine, combined with live graphics capabilities means the obvious application is channel playout. This approach has been adopted by significant players in the industry such as Grass Valley and Digital Broadcast Inc, and with many hundreds of household name channels on air with embedded RT Software graphics around the world.

Powerful video handling capabilities also make it perfect for emerging applications such as big venue screen solutions, video walls, presentation systems and cloud based solutions.


Key Features and Benefits of OEM Graphics

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Designed for integration

The library includes support for multiple video in channels, audio mixing and multi-standard support all based on a HDR ready 16-bit colour space architecture. this is all backed up by rich data logging capabilities aimed at making it easy to optimise performance and isolate any performance bottlenecks.

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Straightforward Operation

The architecture is based on swapping frame pixels with the host system all controlled by simple protocols. It consumes little CPU resource and predominantly runs on a dedicated nVidia GPU. Development of an even more flexible architecture is on the roadmap.

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Development support

RT Software has a successful pedigree in integrating its graphics with a multitude of leading broadcast solution vendors. This experience brings you an efficient software library backed up by good documentation and engineers that will speak your language.