It’s all about Broadcast Graphics, and the game is changing…

In an ever changing world it’s good to know you have some flexibility. With the Bristol FX  VFX100 portable
green screen solution you have flexibility built in, quickly erect a short term green screen background for shoots
using virtual studio software, move it to a new location with ease, then partner with RT Software for the very best
in multi camera solutions that support all the industry leading tracking system. 


4K, 10-bit colour, HDR, virtualised services are amongst the buzz words, and as you might expect RT Software
has the boxes ticked with a whole host of industry firsts. That said we have a keen eye on today’s challenges –
our core products continue to deliver ease of use, openness and value for money combined with a supremely
high quality of output.

  • Overlays – our tOG-3d Pro product goes from strength to strength and is joined by an easy to use and low cost 2d version.
  • Virtualised live graphics – with hybrid SDI/IP solutions featuring 8 independent channels of graphics rendered live on a single PC workstation.
  • Flexible, distributable control – our web based approach gives control of broadcast graphics pretty much from anything, anywhere.
  • Next generation sports analysis – a new version of tOG-Sports for live studio analysis and replay clips, but also now tightly integrated with our AR / virtual studio.
  • Virtual advertising – always on, live virtual graphics at stadiums are perhaps the most demanding graphics challenge. We are delivering day in, day out.


Backed up by the services and support to aid your success 

Whatever your graphics project it’s likely we can help. Not just with the core products but also with graphics design
and implementation assistance, short term rentals, turn key projects and field services support delivered
by industry experts. If you have a graphics project please do take the opportunity to join us at BVE.

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