RT Software invites you to meet with us on booth: 6-C16

“We’ve got so much to show and want to meet to discuss your requirements”

IBC 2019 beckons and RT Software is ready with a major product launch and a suite of further new products and solutions to share with you. Highlights include:

Launch of Tactic Pro

Tactic Pro provides all the features of Tactic Advanced but also delivers many premium features such as:

  • MultiCam (persistent graphics can be applied through camera cuts)
  • CameraMorph (transition from different camera views)
  • Timeline (easier control over complex graphics)Live graphics with fusion-based camera tracking. This means your graphics are ready for air quicker (important for first replays).

The now established Tactic Advanced benefits from enhancements such as:

  • Metrics
  • a presenter interface
  • improvements to graphic tools such as Ball trails and player drag.
  • New ‘standard textures’ have also been added to the graphic tools.

The Tactic range uses software-based licencing enabling easier installation and product trials, no matter where you are.


Swift and Webcontrol 

IBC 2019 sees the exhibition debut of Swift, our easy to use graphics creation tool.  Swift is designed to make broadcast graphic production easy and this is fully backed up with online learning materials.  

Our graphics control application, WebControl now has a new plug-in architecture for easier customisation to specific project requirements including complex data handling.

AR/VR – Unreal Integration

For our Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) product range:

  • RT Software announce phase 2 of our Unreal engine support
  • Fully embedded rt_dll

RT Software have enabled a broadcast graphics creation workflow INSIDE the Unreal editor, providing the benefit of easier template control and data driven graphics.

Craft Editors, NRCS and Video Wall displays

Removing the need for expensive, complex and network swamping render farms and improving broadcast production and display workflows:

  • Embedded broadcast graphics solution for craft editors including Grass Valley Rio
  • End-to-end ENPS based newsroom workflow

Live VideoWall demonstration showing how the canvas flexibility, graphics possibilities and video capabilities in Edit-3d can be combined with standard workstation hardware to drive up to 16 screens.






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