tOG-Sports (NDI®), adding telestration to your 3Play replay server 

tOG-Sports (NDI®)” is a quick turnaround tool for adding split screen video, zoom, magnifiers and telestration graphics to clips on a 3Play replay server. It runs on a separate broadcast specification PC and is operated using an intuitive yet comprehensive operator screen. Aimed primarily at live sports productions, tOG-Sports (NDI®) puts the graphic capabilities directly in the hands of the replay operator.

The system can be configured to output NDI® direct to a compatible desk for immediate TX, or to lay off the enhanced clips back to a LiveTouch channel over NDI®. If an SDI workflow is preferred this is available as an option, or simply purchase tOG-Sports (SDI).

The split screen tool offers both vertical and horizontal options and along with the zoom tool allows the operator to pan around the clips ensuring the main action areas are captured. In the case of the zoom tool this is keyframable, resulting in smooth flowing professional looking content.

The telestration tools include a wide range of 2d lines, regions, highlighters, circles, and magnifiers which can be set up for user preferences such as home and away colours, size, opacity and many other options. All this, combined with the fluid and fast workflow means that informative analysis can be made available for your viewers on the first replay.

tOG-Sports (NDI®) is the start point for what is possible, as its functionality can be enhanced with a wide range of bolt on options. This can include 4k support, presenter led touchscreen analysis, state of the art “tied to pitch graphics such as player trails and offside lines, virtual advertising and even augmented reality graphics.

Whatever your genre of sport, graphics requirement or budget, tOG-Sports (NDI®) can be configured or upgraded to match your needs exactly.



   Product manuals and installation guides
video-play-button-icon  tOG Sports – User Tip Videos
This album is an archive of the video tips and hints we have sent to our tOG-Sports customers, users and freelance operators. The intention is to keep you abreast of new graphics as they become available and to show how an operator can use tOG-Sports to create compelling analysis graphics – often with just a few mouse clicks

Standard functionality of tOG-Sports (NDI®) 

Split screen

Two channels from the server can be set up as either a vertical or a horizontal split screen. Each channel can be individually cued up and panned to select the best areas of interest. Once set up the channels are ganged and played out together, either direct to air or laid off back to the server. Requires the AJA Corvid 24 video i/o card or better.


The zoom tool allows the operator to select a clip, zoom in and pan around to find areas of interest and to repeat this at several points along the clip. These movements can be keyframed, resulting in a smooth flowing and professional looking clip. In addition, the system can be upgraded to work in 4k (this requires both a licence and a hardware upgrade), and in 4k mode the system can output the clip as HD.


There are several styles of magnifier tools shown in the clips example. The example with the iris is designed to use a channel or sponsors logo, opening up branding and revenue generating possibilities. Again these can be keyframed resulting in professional looking clips.

Comprehensive stock of telestration tools

There are many different tools included covering lines, arrows, regions and highlighters. Using the tOG-Sports console these can be set up with home, away and neutral colours and loaded on the controller. Broadly speaking these are 2d screen writing tools, with the effects being written “on the screen” rather than in a 3d perspective “on the pitch” (upgrade option available).

Sophisticated NDI® support

As the name suggests, tOG-Sports (NDI®) supports NDI® as standard – with SDI available as an option if preferred. The integration with the 3Play servers goes beyond support for streaming multiple channels of video as we can also interrogate the system for clip information, display those clips complete with thumbnails on our interface and most importantly control the clips using timecode information.

Wide choice of hardware

The solution runs on common off the shelf PC hardware which customers are free to source locally if preferred. There is a choice of rackmount, deskside or laptop hardware. Our default qualified hardware is HP, but other options including Dell, SuperMicro and others are available. Full details at

Upgrade options

tOG-Sports (NDI®) comes with a comprehensive feature set as standard but this is just the start point for what is possible. The range of graphics tools can be extended, plus the system’s functionality can be extended to include ingest and a file based workflow or perhaps touch device support for presenter use in studio shows. It can even take you all the way to virtual advertising and augmented reality graphics.

See here for the full range of upgrades and options available.


This is an easy product to set up and use. There is comprehensive documentation in the form of an installation guide plus a comprehensive user manual. These are included as part of the product installation or are available from our FTP site. Plus there are a multitude of online user tip and tutorial videos to supplement the complimentary half day TeamViewer based training included in the price. If preferred a more traditional hands on “classroom” type training can be arranged on your site – and periodically we offer these free of charge in our offices in London.

Freely available

RT Software will always be a good place to discuss your requirements, but once you have decided to purchase Sports-NDI® it is available from:

  • RT Software
  • NewTek
  • RT Software and NewTek dealers, VARs and SIs

Upgrades are only available from RT Software.

Workflow Diagrams

tOG-Sports Workflow: Newtek 3Play NDI® Workflow

NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.