Here is a video of our IBC 2019 RT Software presentation which gives a useful reminder of all that we had on the booth as  well as showing how the high quality of the Unreal Engine, rich data driven graphics and various camera tricks combine to make advanced storytelling possible. Best of all this is a low cost upgrade to our popular existing tOG-VR product. :

IBC 2019 also saw the announcement that RT Software is a founding member of the Grass Valley Technology Alliance. We were delighted to see so many GV partners and customers on our booth and we look forward to working with you all. Whilst some of our products are available through Grass Valley, the full range is outlined on our web site at and help or advice on graphics is a just an email or phone call away. Whether you it is graphics for sports, virtual advertising, live shows, news, elections or playout we are here to help you.