RT Software serves up the augmented reality graphics technology for BBC Sport at Wimbledon 2019

London, 09 July 2019 – With broadcasters continuing to push boundaries with live AR and virtual sets, it’s no exaggeration to say that sports coverage has dramatically improved over the past few years. To stay ahead of the game, sport & events graphics company, MOOV have teamed up with RT Software and its proven AR technology to create stunning augmented reality graphics for the BBC’s studio coverage of the Wimbledon Championships, one of the most prestigious events in the tennis world.

MOOV are using RT Software’s AR solution on a 3 camera (2 pedestals and 1 jib) setup which utilises the StarTracker camera tracking technology from Mo-Sys. This optical tracking system gathers reliable and highly-precise tracking data, enabling studio cameras to be moved when overlaying augmented graphics.

For both Mo-Sys and RT Software, this is the first time their Augmented Reality solutions have been in use at Wimbledon. Extending the studio with AR graphics allows the BBC to enhance the viewer experience with high impact graphics that would not be possible in a traditional studio. AR Graphics include virtual life size cut outs of players on glass plinths in front of the presenters, and a virtual “Magic Window” looking out over a 3D render of a tennis court with results and match data laid on to the court surface.

As well as giving the appearance of perspective and parallax to the ‘Magic Window’, camera moves include a passing shot from the glass plinth to reveal the presenters behind. Each camera feed is passed through RT’s render engine which drives both the player cut outs and the magic window in real time.

Nev Appleton, director and co-founder of MOOV said: “This is our 18th Wimbledon for BBC Sport and we are happy with the results that we have achieved using the 3d-Live render engine from RT Software. We also use StarTracker on many projects and Mo-Sys have always delivered great results. We are always looking to bring best in field software and hardware for Wimbledon and this year is no exception.”

Michael Geissler, CEO Mo-Sys said: “With Wimbledon being such a key event in the UK’s sporting calendar, we are extremely excited to be working with MOOV and providing StarTracker for this year’s coverage”.

Mike Fredriksen, Commercial Director of RT Software added “RT Software is delighted to be working with MOOV at Wimbledon, providing the underlying graphics technology for the BBC’s studio AR graphics. RT Software has long since been associated with virtual studio and AR graphics at flagship BBC coverage including elections, Eurovision and key sporting events but this is our first Wimbledon. Working with MOOV and Mo-Sys is always a pleasure and we are pleased the partnership yields such great looking results.”

About RT Software:

RT Software is an award winning provider of innovative and industry leading broadcast graphics solutions.The product set spans CG, template driven 2D and 3D graphic overlays, election and news room graphics, specialist sports graphics and virtual studios. From its beginnings as an off shoot of the BBC 3D Graphics Department in 2004, it now has installs from Iceland to New Zealand and includes the BBC, BT Sport, Fox Sports, NBC, and many other Tier 1 broadcasters in its growing customer base.

About MOOV:

For 20 years MOOV have been a leading sport & events graphics company offering an array of services to UK and International broadcasters such as BBC, BT Sport, ITV, and Channel 4. They deliver a high quality all-round graphics solution coupled with excellent multi-skilled operational staff. With a passion for innovation and design, they are the forefront of live and virtual graphics workflows including UHD and HDR.

About Mo-Sys:

Mo-Sys manufacture advanced camera robotics, film remote systems and high-precision camera tracking solutions for the film and broadcast industries. Their comprehensive range of products have been implemented by the biggest broadcasters and respected filmmakers worldwide. Mo-Sys’ tools are built on its patented and industry proven StarTracker technology which powers more than 100+ virtual TV studios around the world.

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