Providing you with the local touch, our Product Delivery Partners help get the word out about RT Software and our tOG based solutions all around the world. They also provide local invoicing, delivery and support. We recognise that different companies and cultures want to work with us in different ways and our partner programme supports this. These partners include:

Local Sales Agents – Work on a commission basis to assist finding broadcast graphics opportunities. There is no requirement to be specialists on our products, invoice the goods or have a demonstration system. Agents will work with RT Software or VARs for local delivery.

  Download Reseller Agreement – Agent

Dealers – Invoice the goods but may use RT Software or VARs to provide services or demonstrations. Grass Valley dealers, EVS dealers and Systems Integrators would fit into this category by default.

  Download Reseller Agreement – Dealer

Value Added Resellers or VARs – Capable of delivering all RT Software products, these companies have skilled up on our products and can provide services (such as installation, training and graphics design work) and have demonstration equipment available locally.

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Our Product Delivery Partners include: