Although it is in our name, we do not just provide software. We understand that for many customers, the implementation of 3D graphics for broadcast use can be challenging. Our goal is not to just walk away once you take delivery of an RT Software product, but to help you find the right path for effective deployment.

RT Software’s heritage comes from supporting the first use of 3D graphics at the BBC news centre in London and have since further developed a wealth of expertise in supporting and developing projects to ensure our customers graphics play out at the right time. This expertise is present in the people that make up our dedicated teams of engineers, designers and trainers.

Whether the need is support for when things just do not seem to be working, training, both technical and operational, or developing graphics and custom projects, we have a team of people to help.


Creative Services

When a help is needed with the creative process, we can call on our dedicated team of graphic designers,  rtCreative. As well as our own solutions,, they are also experts on all the standard broadcast graphics tools such as Max, Maya, Flash, Photoshop. As rtCreative is run under the guise of a separate company, and can provide assistance for customers using graphic systems from other providers,they have an intimate understanding broadcast graphics workflow.

The team can offer assistance on all aspects of design, from designing and implementing a one off graphic to helping with the whole process of origination branding and design ideas through to graphics implementation.

Typical services include:

  • Graphic creation. If you need a new graphic for your RT Software system but do not have the resources available, rtCreative can work to your brief to build the templated graphic for you with fast turnaround.
  • Branding
  • Virtual studio commissioning. Probably the area where you will need the most help from us. Our Field Service specialists offer you the many benefits of their considerable experience in this – the most demanding – of live broadcast graphics.

RT Software’s graphic services team are experienced in delivering projects, no matter the complexity, on time to pre-agreed deadlines. To achieve this, any agreements put in place with third parties pertaining matters such as agreed specifications and delivery of assets should also be followed to ensure the project completion date is not put at risk. Please click on this document to read the RT Software Graphics Services work guidelines

Graphics Guidelines

Custom Solutions

Whilst all RT Software solutions have easy and efficient onboard tools to aid playout and control, there are occasions where you need tools tailored to your specific needs. RT Software has a broad base of software development skills way beyond graphics and can assist in many aspects of broadcast requiring bespoke software.

We have experience in developing tailor made applications to automate for control of graphics and fulfilment of template fields for a wide variety of customers. Whether a touch based graphic recall giving control of graphics and data fields to your presenter or inserting virtual studio actions in the rundown of a Newsrooom system, we are confident we can meet whatever needs are thrown at us.

With the integration of the graphics element into a broadcaster’s infrastructure we are seeing increased demands for bespoke software development. A simple example of this might be development of an easy to use web based GUI system to display inbound audience SMS messages, to moderate these and to send them to air with appropriate templates. A more complex example would be the systems required to drive a major national election programme. Whatever your requirement is, we should talk and our skill set encompasses:

  • Unix, Linux, Windows & Mac OS.
  • C / C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, XML and HTML.
  • Web based solutions.
  • Database solutions.
  • Electronic feeds and voting system solutions.
  • Bespoke user front ends.
  • Integration with 3rd party products and systems.
RT Software also offer an extensive range of onsite, remote or self-learning product training options.  For more details, please refer to the Training Pages
Field Services (Engineering)

RT Software has a team of Field Service Engineers that can assist with various aspects of a project. Bringing many years of broadcast engineering experience to the table, our engineers can add value way beyond the graphics aspects of a project. This is especially true of virtual studio and augmented reality projects where camera tracking, lighting, chroma-keying, audio and video delay along with many other factors external to our systems come into play.
Our expertise is often delivered on site, along with the use of remote desktop sharing plus email and telephone based support.

Typical Field Services include:

  • Assistance with selection of hardware. RT Software careful qualifies hardware suitable for broadcast graphics use (see here) and we supplement this with hardware specialists ready to assist in making final decisions. Typically this is a non-chargeable service.
  • Preparation of hardware. Our team is able to assist in the building, configuring and installation of our application software irrespective of whether the equipment is supplied by RT or sourced locally.
  • Installation and on site commissioning. This is the core activity for the Field Service team who are available to be on site to guarantee a smooth implementation of RT based solutions. In the case of virtual studio / AR projects this can include lens and camera tracking calibrations.
  • Studio engineering training. For complex projects such as virtual studios or whenever requested RT engineers will deliver training aimed at studio engineers to help guarantee the smooth running of our graphics solutions. This is typically heavily personalised for client’s specific environments and supplemented by customised documentation.

RT Software’s Field Services team are experienced in delivering projects, no matter the complexity, on time to pre-agreed deadlines. To achieve this, the required work is typically quantified in a mutually agreed Statement of Work.


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