This involved the integration of RT Software’s proven tOG_DLL.dll graphics rendering library into the Snell ICE channel-in-a-box solution. This provides the ability for ICE to deliver high quality 2d and 3d real time graphics without the need for a traditional external graphics sub system. The resulting solution will be sold by Snell and its partners world-wide.

The benefits of this include:
– One stop shop for the broadcaster
– Lower cost per graphic compared to external graphics system
– Smaller hardware footprint, less rack space required, less power required
– Tight integration with ICE including Morpheus automation.

There are currently 2 options available for graphics capability:
– Sophisticated 2d, entry level 3d Graphics (tOG-Lite)
– Powerful 3d Graphics (tOG-3D Pro)
… with a new 2d editor scheduled for availability later in the year.

This will cover the entire spectrum of graphics required by the modern broadcaster and the “Powerful 3d Graphics” will rival the graphics available from any of the traditional real time graphics vendors in the industry.

The graphics creation process is extremely simple. Graphic templates are prepared off line using PC based tOG-Edit workstations. The resulting projects are then loaded onto the ICE system as required. Inputs for graphics can come from a variety of sources including from within the ICE system itself, from an operator or from external systems. Crucial factors in deciding the supplier for this project included performance and ease of integration.

Karl Mehring – Senior Product Manager MRM, Snell, commented

“RT Software was unique in having a library built from the ground up for integration, and their rendering is very efficient – crucial with the sharing of resources required with a channel-in-a-box solution”.

Summarising the importance of the agreement, Mike Fredriksen – Commercial Director, RT Software, says

“We are delighted that Snell has chosen RT Software as its partner for embedded graphics. We see software based playout solutions as a sector of the market that will deliver significant growth in the coming years, and Snell is a company that looks set to become one of the major players.”

Fredriksen (centre – RT Software’s Commercial Director) and Peter Fredericks (right – Financial Director Snell) shake hands on signing the contract, watched on by Snell’s Karl Mehring.

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RTSW press release Snell and RT Software Partner for Embedded Real Time Graphics – Apr 2012