From humble beginnings, sports graphics have evolved to become a huge market sector. With many channels now dedicated to sports it follows that graphics are crucial to the live game content, studio analysis and channel branding. In addition, there is often a requirement to provide added value graphics such as sponsorship graphics, tied to pitch virtual advertising or AR graphics on the studio floor or at the stadium.

Why RT Software

Sports graphics is a comfort zone for us. We have many years of experience and have enjoyed the benefits of working closely with household names such as Sky, ESPN and the BBC.  In addition, our background of working with huge dynamic data sets and data feeds (for example, during elections) means our core platform is ideally suited for the emergence of data feed and database driven graphics.

What Benefits Does RT Software Provide?

Go to air with the very best graphics possible, providing that professional look you demand for your sports coverage.  All from a cost-effective, reliable and flexible solution.     

In the Outside Broadcast environment, our Sports solutions provide huge advantages, such as:

– Small hardware footprint. One PC handles everything (render, playout control even a full preview).

– This PC can be repurposed with a dongle change, so scores and clocks one weekend, an away-day VR studio the next!

– When doing specials, such as tied to pitch graphics, we include software and hardware keyers, maximising simplicity and minimising footprint.

  • Custom, sports specific control applications ensure your match graphics never miss the action.
  • Edit-3d or Swift for live overlay graphics, during game or in the studio.
  • Tell a story with, Tactic ProTactic Advanced or tOG-Sports for Match Play analysis.
  • Integrate all RT Software solutions for a complete and dynamic sports presentation.
  • Bring your graphics to life with Augmented Reality using tOG-VR, bring your tables and stats graphics in to the studio.
  • Go Completely Virtual with tOG-VR
Key Reference Customers
BT Sport, UK
Namadgi, Australia,
Sky Sports, UK


News places an extremely high demand on high-quality graphics which usually define a channels brand. Therefore, it is vital that everyone in the news production chain has access to the same graphics to ensure a consistent output.

RT Software produce many template-driven graphic production and playout tools which can be combined to create a complete Newsroom solution which integrates with the NRCS of choice. Our ActiveX and MOS plugins ensure live access to these graphic templates throughout the newsroom, regardless of the task or operator. RT Software’s Augmented and Virtual Reality products can also be seamlessly integrated to provide immensely powerful News Production.

Why RT Software.

RT Software’s real-time graphics products are based on many years’ experience of putting real time graphics systems into major broadcasters. With a suite of products covering overlays, virtual reality, news workflow and automation, RT Software can seamlessly handle all the graphic requirements of any news broadcast. Couple this with the assured reliability of our products, gained from many years of live production, and the RT Software Newsroom product line-up is hard to beat.

What benefits does RT Software provide?

Graphical content is created by a journalist working on a Windows desktop. Journalists add stills and video to graphics using the inbuilt cut-out tool in the graphics editor products (Swift and Edit-3d). Stunning histograms, pie charts, line charts, and many other graphical elements can be quickly and easily created using the included charting tools.

When it comes to creation, RT Software’s VR and Overlay solutions run on the same rendering platform and use the same design solution so there is no requirement for additional hardware or complexity. Designers have complete visibility to all graphic elements to be used in the program from one application.

Our template-driven approach, coupled with our ActiveX plugin, means high volumes of live graphics are available throughout the Newsroom workflow. Support of the MOS protocol provides easy integration of playout graphics into existing NRC Systems such as AVID iNews and AP ENPS.

RT Software’s Infrastructure and Graphics products provide an integrated approach to Newsroom graphics which also combine to handle a breaking news story extremely quickly.

RT Software delivers a fast and extremely cost-effective approach to news graphics.

  • Cost effective over the shoulders and lower thirds, L-Bars and Tickers with Swift.
  • Bring all your overlay news graphics to life in full 3D with Edit-3d
  • Immerse your news production in a virtual studio with tOG-VR
  • Let your presenters interact with graphics on the studio floor with tOG-VR
  • To integrate, control and manage your on air news graphics with RT Software workflow solutions.
Key Reference Customers
SR, Germany
Setanta, Ireland
Sky News, UK


Local, National and International election programmes push the boundaries of broadcast graphics with a myriad of statistical information pouring in and the need for analysis to accompany that information. Often, broadcasters find themselves competing against rival channels in covering the same election, so the need to stand out from the competition by providing coverage that engages and informs the audience is key in attracting viewers. As major elections may only come around once every few years, broadcasters only get one shot so they need to be sure that the coverage will be right on the night.

Why RT Software

RT Software’s suite of graphics and VR products were originally developed for the BBC, with elections being one of the main use cases. Thus it was conceived and engineered from the ground up to cope with the heavy and stringent demands made on a studio during election night coverage – and has been an award-winning suite of products ever since. Whether the requirement is for overlay graphics heavy with data driven statistical analysis, virtual or augmented reality graphics or presenter led touch screen based applications, RT Software have a solution.

Any  product from RT Software can be bought outright, but they can also be provided as part of a short term rental to meet the requirement for a one off or infrequent event such elections. But we don’t just stop at providing you the kit, RT Software’s creative team has extensive experience in supporting graphics for election coverage and can provide whatever help or management is required.

What Benefits Does RT Software Provide?

Easy integration with results feeds and charting tools can be used to deliver up to date analysis to the audience ensuring they hear the news from you first.  Tickers and crawls can be used to supplement the live action and commentary to ensure that nothing is missed.  Large and complex models are handled efficiently so Virtual graphics can be used to explain the impact of news or predictions.  Presenter control is provided either by touchscreens or via a handheld device.  Automate the management of graphic assets and the control of graphic playout to ensure smooth running throughout the longest of live election programs.

  • Cost effective over the shoulders and lower thirds, L-Bars and Tickers with Swift
  • Bring all your overlay news graphics to life in full 3D with Edit-3d
  • Immerse your news production in a virtual studio with tOG-VR
  • Let your presenters interact with graphics on the studio floor with tOG-VR.
  • To integrate, control and manage your on air news graphics with RT Software workflow solutions.
Key Reference Customers
RUV, Iceland
HIR TV, Hungary

Virtual Advertising

Use of messages or logos from sponsors during programming opens up new revenue opportunities for broadcasters. However, intrusive overuse of sponsors logos becomes counterproductive as it carries the risk of turning viewers off.

Increasingly, broadcasters are turning to virtual advertising as a way to subtly introduce sponsorship, facilitated by emerging technologies that are removing the traditional caveats on virtual advertising. Now, it is possible to not just insert virtual advertising into the studio, but also in to live video from a sports OB, making it look like the advert is there on the pitch.

Why RT Software

We have many years of experience in working with encoded PTZ heads, and of course full 3D camera tracking solutions, so understand the importance of lens calibration and land surveys when using camera tracking on an outside broadcast. Furthermore, our developments in image tracking are opening up the options for virtual advertising on multiple cameras without the need for camera tracking, so can even be achieved on video feeds.

What Benefits Does RT Software provide?

Graphics are not limited to locked off cameras, cameras can move in all axes with the correct perspective of the graphics maintained. With internal keying, graphics are not limited to being in the foreground, real objects such as players can interact with the graphics, appearing to walk on them allowing the adverts to be placed directly on the playing surface. So graphics are not limited to camera pans away from the main action and can be placed live, not just edited into replays.

With RT Software, you can be sure of system reliability, guaranteeing your clients that their branding will go to air, often crucial to meet contract obligations.

All of this results in a more engaging and professional looking experience, enabling you to give the advertising more screen time, which means more revenue?

  • VR sensored support means your virtual advertising  is guaranteed, even when live.
  • Advanced video based tracking using pitch lines or video features to allow placement on video feeds.
  • Mulitple choices of keyers to put the adverts right in amongst the action.
Key Reference Customers
Fox, Australia,
Alston Elliot, South Africa
AMP, France

Virtual Studios

Creating a virtual reality for an audience is a particularly demanding task. It calls for tight integration between set designers – working with their preferred software – the presenting talent and the director’s vision.

Creating a virtual set when compared with establishing real sets is financially very attractive and can make some programme ideas viable when otherwise they might not be.  The amount of overall studio space used plummets which contributes to lowering costs and the same studio space can be re-purposed for different productions in minutes.  The introduction of virtual elements – for example very large monitors – is easily achieved and is also much cheaper than buying equipment.   With tOG-VR, there need be no limit to your creativity.

Why RT Software

If the aim is to create a full studio as a virtual element it, demands the best possible integration between the real and the virtual, and faultless technical competence.  RT Software has that competence and can deliver it for your programme ambitions today.

RT Software’s focus with VR is to demystify it, to simplify it and to reduce the entry costs for broadcasters wanting to introduce VR to their programming.  And to do it well. tOG-VR does all these things

What Benefits Does RT Software provide?

Integrating virtual creations with real images – typically introducing presenters into a virtual environment – requires advanced software to work perfectly.  RT Software have set out to radically lower the entry price to a level affordable to all established broadcasters whilst ensuring the highest quality coupled with guaranteed reliability.

Our VR system, tOG-VR provides both tracked and trackless solutions.

  • Full and unrestricted camera movement within the virtual set
  • Lower cost when using integrated ptz cameras
  • Low cost -locked-off- camera options.
  • Discounted software licences for multiple camera installations
Key Reference Customers
MDR, Germany
Setanta, Ireland
News UK, UK

Channel Branding

Channel branding and the consequent playout graphics are a crucial part of the viewer experience and require careful consideration. From entry level broadcasters through to the biggest playout centres there are some consistent requirements – resilience, quality and intelligence. It’s also an evolving sector, with scalability, remote management and maximising utilisation rates becoming the buzz words.  Please refer to the Playout Graphics page for a deeper dive into the subject.

Why RT Software

Our background is the highest quality live 3d graphics and traditionally our products found favour at live sports events, studios shows, elections and the like. But increasingly our OEM relationships have led us into the channel branding and playout space. Straight off we were a good fit – with the ability to handle live video and clips elegantly, with the capabilities for delivering complex automation and crucially the ability to mix automated and schedule driven graphics with live control.

What Benefits Does RT Software provide?

RT Software enables the graphics that power your brand.  The key bullet points include:

  • Quality. Branding is crucial to get right – our real time text and real time graphics effects are the best in the industry.
  • We offer superior graphics creation products which provide all the features  required for creating your look.   Why pay for a 3D editor and get additional, redundant features?  Uniquely RT Software offer two editors,  with Swift being recommended as it offers all the tools required for channel branding graphics creation.   
  • Need extended 3D features?   You can choose Edit-3d, our premium 3D editor at the outset.  Or you can upgrade from Swift to Edit-3d at any time. 
  • Uniquely we offer an option for remote live control of the channel branding resources using WebControl. So a gallery can use a browser to drive live graphics on the playout centre resources.
  • Sophisticated. Our solution can handle the most demanding graphics with the ability to build intelligence into the graphics:

    • Embedded data queries
    • Transition logic
    • Many automatic features such as auto-resizing of text to match the graphic template
Key Reference Customers
BT Sport – UK
Red Bee, UK
Astro, Malaysia

Sports Professionals

Access to sporting clips and data is an advantage to the sports broadcaster; for the sports professional however, it is essential.  For the modern professional sports team, coaching does not stop as soon as the training session is over, it continues in the dressing room and classrooms in the form of video analysis and presentations.

Being able to review statistical data or clips of action and present the findings to the audience effectively ensures your players are fully prepared, mentally as well as physically.

Why RT Software

RT Software are experts in developing tools that present sporting action and data in a way that draws the audience in an informative and well defined way. From our first deployment in a professional sports club (Arsenal FC in London in 2010) we now have systems in use in sports clubs and teams all over the world.

What Benefits Does RT Software provide?

Our premium analysis and telestration tool, Tactic is available specifically for coaching applications and will run on standard desktop or laptop computers.  Analysis can be presented on a large screen in front of an audience or exported as a standard format clip to be played on handheld devices such as tablets, crucial for last minute coaching at away games.

  • Use graphic tools to illustrate coaching points with Tactic.


OEM – Embedded real-time graphics

The broadcast industry is migrating from complex broadcast solutions consisting of a myriad of multi-vendor black boxes to a new, streamlined software based approach. In this maturing market, delivering reduced costs with increased scalability, reliability and efficiency are  vital to modern broadcasters and playout centre providers.

Whilst Channel-in-a-Box is perhaps the most obvious use case for embedded graphics there are additional use cases. For example, Replay servers require sports analysis graphics. In addition, CG-style, overlay graphics are often requested from mixing desks and switchers. Whatever the demand for graphics, RT Software can help.

Why RT Software

Selecting the right OEM partner is certainly worthy of careful deliberation.  RT Software has many years of experience – not just with real-time broadcast graphics, but also with embedding our graphics in third party applications.  We solve the immediate requirement for the embedded graphics yet also deliver the necessary workflow solutions ecosystem combined with high level support, a must have for the larger end-users.  

You also need a partner with an eye to the future.  Virtualisation, distributable web-based control, video stitching, support for emerging standards such as IP, UHD and HDR are all important.  These are already in our labs and RT Software has an enviable track record of delivering industry firsts.

One of the above is worth stressing for our CiaB partners – web-based control.  We actually have that deployed at major broadcasters who are able to use a web page to take manual, live control of live graphics on the playout system.  So that’s a PC in a gallery or truck putting graphics to air from the playout centre, delivered using WebControl.

So if you want an OEM supplier that does not compete against you or compromise on quality, has years of experience with embedded graphics, has a clear vision of the road ahead and knows broadcast from end to end – well, that’s us.

What Benefits Does RT Software provide?

Solutions from RT Software are second to none. The key bullet points include:

  • Our embedded graphics library has a small resources footprint and is easily co-hosted on standard PC hardware.
  • We offer a powerful graphics solution (inherently easier graphics authoring with Swift ) and a 3D solution (with graphics that are as good or superior to anything in the market, powered by Edit-3d).
  • Our embedded graphics can be driven by 3rd party automation or manual control applications, along with our own flexible web-based control interface WebControl.
  • We are experts on end-to-end systems and PC hardware.  
  • Having a unified development team under one roof means we can fast track strategic customer developments.
  • We make OEM relationships work, having already partnered successfully with many industry leading vendors.
  • Whilst we are experts in graphics, our skill set does not finish there. We know video, we know scheduling, we know camera tracking, we know control – we speak your language.
  • Our support is superb, delivered by professionals with an in-depth knowledge of graphics, end-to-end systems and with a deep technical understanding.
Key Reference Customers
Grass Valley