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Tactic Advanced


Tactic Advanced. It is all about ease of use. Empowering you to create the most compelling sports analysis graphics with just a few clicks of the mouse button. Work with content in virtually any file or live video format up to and including live UHD 60P. The system automatically aligns graphics to the field of play and sets up the keyer ready to lay down rock solid tied to pitch graphics. Set up time is minimal – it’s plug in and go.

Flexible modes of operation covering live operator, replay & highlights operator, presenter tablet & touchscreen use along with an option for studio/pitch side augmented reality.

tOG-Sports. A family of products, scaling from basic to fully-featured depending on your requirements.  tOG-Sports is the heritage telestration solution from RT Software, enabling the presenter to enhance their story-telling through the addition of great visuals.

Regions, player highlights, strategic illustrations and tied-to-pitch graphics can all be easily added to the presentation or led by the presenter through touch-screen interfaces.

With many years of on-air experience, tOG-Sports is the proven solution for live or file-based  telestration.

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Integrated with the leading replay servers

If it’s happening live, then the chances are the first place you will get access to a clip will be where it’s being recorded – the replay server. And you don’t want to be pushing clips around during an event, so we connect to the server and seamlessly work with content residing on it. If it is one of our supported servers then we can see thumbnails of the clips, allowing you to browse and select a clip to work on, control the clip from either the server control panel or our interface and add telestration and graphics to the clip as required.
And tOG-Sports can be fast. First replay fast.
Click on your replay server of choice below and we’ll tell you in more detail about the functionality we offer – it does vary a little device to device. If your server isn’t there, then give us a call, we can still help with support for generic interfaces such as Sony 9-pin, in box crash record capability and a file-based workflow option.

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