Tactic Advanced. Maximising the value of your sports content

Tactic Advanced.  The latest product from RT Software’s next generation family of sports analysis and telestration solutions. 100% new but built on many years of experience working with the world’s largest sports broadcasters and production companies across the globe.

  • Easy to use. This was the number one request from users. Tactic  Advanced delivers – but you decide, we’ll send you an evaluation licence today.
  • Your look and feel on air.  Users can easily change graphics and interfaces for on air branding and extended usability.
  • Flexibility. Really, Tactic Advanced is many products in one. It is an operator or presenter based system and works with live video or files from a MAM.
  • Affordability. Modular licencing combined with perpetual or duration based licencing means ownership sit easily within budgets.
  • Hardware agnostic.  Customers are free to choose from workstation, rack mount or even portable platforms.  Tactic Advanced runs on readily available hardware.


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Key functionality of Tactic Advanced

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Easy to use

Ease of use was the most important driver for  the new Tactic Advanced user interface. Customers told us they wanted great looking graphics but, just as importantly, the system had to be intuitive enough for a PA or an EVS operator to use with little or no training.

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Link together analysis tools

Perfect for creating new tools to help tell specific stories. Tactic Advanced has the ability for users to build own custom tools by linking together several “standard” tools (such as circle, line and infill). These custom tools can then be added to the palette ready for use when needed.

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Create your own styles

Have your own unique on air look. The graphical tools in Tactic Advanced have been built with easy customisation in mind. Not just the concept of home and away colours but fundamentally changing the style. Create your own textures in PhotoShop, load in and go to air!

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Automatic set up and configuration

Auto everything! Top end sports analysis graphics need two key areas of functionality – camera tracking to tie graphics to the pitch in the correct orientation plus keying to put the players on top of the graphic. With Tactic Advanced the system automatically handles everything.

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Add custom graphics

Tactic Advanced is built on RT Software’s proven graphics platform, Edit-3d. Consequently a 3D graphics editor is available to build complex case specific graphics, either in-house or through RTSW graphics services arm.

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Flexible workflows

A flexible approach to content and workflows.  The video content can be live camera feeds (sitting on a DDR channel such as EVS) or be file-based. Output can be live SDI or file-based. All popular broadcast SDI and file formats are supported, up to and including UHD 60P.

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Touchscreen support

Put analysis in the hands of the presenters. Tactic Advanced supports a second screen output for touch screens.

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Metric based graphics (Option)

Metrics based graphics (speed, distance, height etc) help bring deeper understanding to analysis. Available on pitch based sports such as football, rugby, hockey etc.

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Easy to learn

There is no need for classroom based training. Tactic Advanced is so easy to use it does not require any on site training. Instead, to help you get the best from the product, a free 2-hour, one-to-one remote screen-based familiarisation session is available to all users.

Great Sports Graphics Examples

Integrated with leading replay servers

If it’s happening live, then the chances are the first place you will get access to a clip will be where it’s being recorded – the replay server. And you don’t want to be pushing clips around during an event, so we connect to the server and seamlessly work with content residing on it. If it is one of our supported servers then we can see thumbnails of the clips, allowing you to browse and select a clip to work on, control the clip from either the server control panel or our interface and add telestration and graphics to the clip as required.
And Tactic can be fast. First replay fast.
Click on your replay server of choice below and we’ll tell you in more detail about the functionality we offer – it does vary a little device to device. If your server isn’t there, then give us a call, we can still help with support for generic interfaces such as Sony 9-pin, in box crash record capability and a file-based workflow option.

EVS products

Grass Valley K2

Newtek 3play


These tabs contain further information and diagrams about Tactic. Select a blue tab to see more…

Tactic WorkflowTactic - EVS/LinX/Odetics WorkflowTactic - GV K2/Dyno File-based WorkflowTactic - GV K2/Dyno SDI WorkflowTactic - Newtek 3Play NDI WorkflowTactic - GV LiveTouch SDI Workflow
Tactic Workflow

Tactic – EVS/LinX/Odetics Workflow

Tactic GV K2/Dyno File-based Workflow

Tactic GV K2/Dyno SDI Workflow

Tactic Workflow: Newtek 3Play NDI Workflow

Tactic workflow: GV LiveTouch SDI Workflow

Tactic Advanced Important Features

Unique Selling Points
No line calibration/tracking needed A comprehensive set of preloaded camera perspectives ensure graphics are laid into the pitch, with perspective, without further adjustments.
Composite tools Create and save your own complex graphics to your own requirements by combining graphic tools
Texture Chooser Distinguish your broadcast from the competitors by giving a unique look and style to your presentation. Create up to 40 different styles of circles and many different filled zones.
Personalised textures Import your own styles for unique circles and zones as a .PNG file with transparency.

Tactic Advanced Specifications

The following tables show the key features of the Tactic Advanced Sports Analysis and Telestration product. This is not an exhaustive list, so if your requirement is not shown here then please contact us for advice.

Clip Management and Control
Clip based workflow Simple to use clip-based workflow. Just copy clips to the specified folder, add telestration and either playout directly from Tactic or export as finished clip.
Replay server control For live events, Tactic can control a channel of a replay server and telestrate directly on clips being made by the server operator.
Clip Bookmarks Bookmark timecodes of interest, then click on bookmark thumbnail to instantly move to that timecode.
Multiple video formats supported Wide range of video formats supported as standard.
Interface and user tools.
Settings saved with analysis files. Fast operation when moving between prepared clips.Scene information (Key, Camera, Tracking information, graphic style etc) are saved and recalled with each analysis.
Recall Analysis directly from interface. Dragging and dropping prepared sequences onto the video window recalls the appropriate Clip, Scene and restarts the analysis.
Auto chroma key Put graphics behind players with just one click for the perfect key.
Segment Key For challenging key environments (shadows, logos on surface etc), manual segment key with just a few clicks.
Simplified tool palette. Easy to learn tools palette and quick access to the most frequently used graphic tools.
Auto track Fix graphics to the playing surface with just one click to automatically create a camera tracking file with a saved analysis.
Create multiple graphics pages Allow different users to create and save tailored graphics (e.g. by team).
Preset and editable cameras Selectable and editable cameras provide graphic perspective relative to the playing surface.
Keyboard shortcuts Frequently used functions such as clip transport or inserting a pause can be accessed with a keyboard shortcut.
Scrub bar Navigate the clip quickly with visual representations of clip duration and position in clip always in view.
Layoff/Export Export the analysis to other devices such as phones or tablet, coach the players in any location, and send the analysis directly to the player’s own device.
Layoff/Export format chooser. Choose the format and quality of the finished exported clip.
No line calibration/tracking needed A comprehensive set of pre-loaded camera perspectives ensure graphics are laid into the pitch, with perspective, without further adjustments.
Add standalone projects with few clicks Additional text fonts and Virtual Stadiums can be used with the graphic tools.
Presenter screen as standard. Allow presenters to interact directly with Tactic, live on-air, using a customisable touch-screen interface displayed on a separate screen for use in the studio.
Graphic tools.
Editable Graphic presets Home and away colours, line style, thickness, circle size etc all easily selectable from a quick selector tool.
Individual graphic parameters Each graphic can be individually customised (e.g size, style, colour) to the user’s needs.
Texture Chooser Distinguish your broadcast from the competitors by giving a unique look and style to your presentation. Create up to 40 different styles of circles and many different filled zones.
Personalised textures Import your own styles for unique circles and zones as a .PNG file with transparency.
Composite tools Create and save your own complex graphics to your own requirements by combining graphic tools.
Mix tracked and untracked graphics. Add and use both tracked and untracked graphics to a timeline, at the same time.
Virtual Stadium graphic Add a new dimension to explaining set-plays and strategies. Use virtual stadiums, for many sports, to add graphics, keyframes and use different camera angles.
Optional pitch calibration. Calibrate the camera using pitch lines to allow graphics with metrics such as speed, distance and angle, giving a new perspective to your story.
Easy Motion paths. Dragging a graphic to a new position on the scrub bar quickly adds a new keyframe point.
Editable motion path with keyframes. Fast turnaround! View, add and modify keyframes to accurately follow the action.
Attach new Graphics to existing motion paths. Create a motion path once and then add as many graphics as you wish to follow the same path automatically.
Multiple keyframes on graphics. Many graphics can keyframe simultaneously. Anchor one part of a graphic whilst animating another.
Short learning curve. Users can learn to use Tactic Advanced in just a few hours.
Video Based Training Material Modular video-based training material available from RTSW Vimeo Pages.
Ease of ownership.
Simple licensing We have chosen to keep the options for Tactic to a minimum by including many features in the standard product that our competitors charge extra for.
Multi-license and multi-year packages Discounts for volume and duration of contract.
Feature Description Tactic Pro Tactic Advanced Tactic Lite
Internal Clip Support Work in internal clips, and layoff completed clips with graphics for use in other applications.
2D Graphics Palette. Range of 2D graphics such as Circles, Arrows, Lines, Magnifiers and Regions
Presenter Interface. Second screen to allow presenter interaction through a touch screen.
SD/NDI support. Video i/o either SDI or NDI
Keying Chroma Keying (with auto function) and Segment Keying
3D Tools Perspective applied to graphics to match the camera position and angle.
Quick Track Track camera movement with one click to allow graphics to stay anchored to position on pitch surface.
Calibration Use pitch lines to calibrate exact camera position.
Metrics Distance/Speed/Angle graphics.
Timeline Advanced control of timing of events within and analysis.
Multi Camera Analysis Add analysis to multi cam clips. Place graphics on one camera angle, then cut to another angle with same graphics.
MainConcepts codec Allow import/export of DVC50/100 and AVCi50/100 clips.

Standard Feature. Optional feature. Not Included.