Having selected RT Software to supply your broadcast graphics solutions, on-going help and advice are critical in delivering user satisfaction. This, along with bug fixes and free of charge new releases of the software is included as part of our annual Software Support contract.

pdf 3icons Annual Software Support Contract

Support on our hardware is easy too. We use industry standard, low cost and from reputable manufacturers with worldwide availability and good after sales service. Furthermore, all our products can run on the same platform meaning you can enjoy low cost n+1 redundant hardware strategies.

If you need to contact RT Software Support – phone +44 (0)20 7384 9277 or email support@rtsw.co.uk

  • Software Support. Available through an annual contract for any of the tOG family of broadcast graphics products and solutions. Customers with a valid contract are entitled to reasonable telephone based assistance during UK office hours (UK 09.00 to 17.00) plus new interim releases of the software free of charge. Please note that as standard this does not include any on-site assistance.
  • Out of Hours Support. Customers requiring out of UK office hours support can extend their contracts to include this.
  • Hardware Support. We pass through the manufacturers warranties and can provide telephone assistance during office hours on the products that we qualify or supply. In addition, we may hold these products in stock ready for prompt shipment to you.
  • Additional Support. We appreciate that as a broadcaster you will have times when graphics can be critical. We can tailor a package of additional support to assist as required and this can include being on site with you – wherever that is.
Access the Partner Pages

These are restricted pages, email support@rtsw.co.uk for a log in account.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you do not already have one, you will be sent a USB security key which will allow you to use Tactic Advanced SP.

Note that the USB security key does not contain any software, it is simply a security device and must be connected to the PC whenever you wish to use Tactic Advanced SP.

You will have received a user id and password providing access to our FTP site in a separate email.

Please check you spam or junk email.

If this is not working, please contact support@rtsw.co.uk

Video tutorials are available to assist with installation and using Tactic Advanced SP.


Login to our FTP site ….


The documentation is in ….

./Tactic Advanced SP/Tactic Advanced.pdf

The software is in the “Downloads” folder ….

./Tactic Advanced SP/Installers – Windows

You will need to download and install ….



./Tactic Advanced SP/Installers – MAC

You will need to download and install ….


Only download the installation executables you actually need.

NOTE: Full installation instructions are included in the documentation

Rather than contact an individual at RT Software, we recommend you contact support@rtsw.co.uk

This has many advantages:

• This is a collaborative email address used by our technical support team, so many experts will be able to review and respond.
• If an individual is unavailable, a team member will respond.
• Your email will be logged and tracked.

To help us collate replies, track progress and close support cases:

• The subject of the email should be relevant to the problem.
• Always reply to a response from our staff and keep the email chain intact.
• Ensure support@rtsw.co.uk is included in all replies.
• Start a new email when reporting a new problem.

In addition to a description of the problem, include the following ……
– Which product are you using
– The version of tOG:
– The type of PC:
– The operating system:
– The graphics card:
– The graphics card driver version:
– The video card:
– The ID of your security key(dongle):

Also, is the problem repeatable under certain conditions? or random?

Can you provide a tOG log file?

tOG log file default location …
Windows: C:/Program Files/tog/logs
Linux: /var/log/tog

If you send a log file, we need to know at what time (as precise as possible) the problem occurred.

Do you have a clip with timecode showing the issue?

If a specific Custom Project or video clip is being used, please provide details.

This is printed on the reverse side of the dongle. e.g. S/N 0204 and on the splash screen when you start tOG …


The version number and release is normally displayed beneath the icon on your desktop ...


… the folder where the software is installed ...


… and on the splash screen when you start tOG …

Windows: Details of your computer and operating system can be found by viewing Properties ... computer computer2

Linux: You will need to download a small program called pcinfo.dat. Run the executable ./pcinfo. It will then present you with dvsinfo (? for help) . Insert ? and hit return. Select option 6 and name the file. You can quit out of the program now. The file will be created in the same directory as the executable.

Click here to download the executable pcinfo.dat program


Windows: Details of your graphics card and driver and be found by starting the NVIDIA Control Panel … graophics graphics2

Linux: Run the command nvidia-settings. linux_graphics


Details of your DVS video card and driver and be found by …

Windows: To check license information navigate to the win64 folder ...
C:/Program Files (x86)/tog/drivers/dvs4.3.5.4/bin/win64

Double click on the executable file ...dvsconf.exe
This will display a DVS Config Properties
Click on the card0 tab

To check license infomation navigate to the bin folder ...
cd /var/opt/tog/drivers/dvs(version)/bin
and enter the command ...
./svram license show
If you have multiple DVS drivers installed, check which version you are using ...
chkconfig --list | grep dvs


Details of your AJA video card and driver and be found by …
Windows: To check the driver information navigate to the folder …
C:/Program Files/tog/drivers/aja12.3.7.85/bin/cables
Locate Info Tab

Extensive documentation is installed with your tOG software.
Documentation is release specific (represented by x.x.x below)
On a Windows system, documentation is installed in…

\Program Files\tog\docs\x.x.x\
On a Linux system, documentation is installed in…
Documentation is grouped into sub-folders…

tOG Install Manual, Dongle Update and general reference for related hardware installations
A sub-folder for DVS cards (Atomix and Centaurus) covering installation and licencing

tOG applications user reference manuals (Sports, Live, Playout, Control Desk, Media Watcher etc..)

Trouble shooting, Driving tOG over MOS, using FileZilla

tOG Design and Edit

tOG Sports training syllabus

tOG Edit tutorials

Setting up and using tOG VR, GAP Camera setup etc..

For a full list of supported hardware, operating systems, and 3rd party products please see our Qualified hardware page.
The following contacts at our major hardware partners may be useful for you. For hardware that RT Software has supplied we will of course assist in handling hardware support incidents.

HP Products
HP workstations ship with a 3 year world-wide on site warranty with a next day response. Please note this does NOT cover any third party items such as DVS video cards. Most workstations are ordered with a non-SDI nVidia GPU and in these cases the GPU will be covered by HP.

Check if an item is in warranty
It will prompt you for Product ID code and Product Serial Number (both located on a badge on the workstation).

If an item is in warranty then service is initiated by a call to:
HP Support (in the UK this is 0870 842 2339).
This takes you to a call centre that will undertake some basic problem diagnosis and will organise the engineer to come out the following day.

DVS Video Boards
DVS supplies video boards. These items are covered under a 24 month Return To Base (RTB) warranty.
DVS Digital Video Systems GmbH
Krepenstr. 8
30165 Hannover
Tel: +49 511 678 07 32
Web: www.dvs.de
Administration contact: Johanna Schoene schoene@dvs.de

Bluefish Video Boards
Bluefish supplies video boards. Items are covered under a 12 month RTB warranty.
Bluefish 444 Europe Ltd
Joel Street Farm
Joel Street
Middlesex HA5 2PD
Tel: +44 (0)20 8429 8345
Web: www.bluefish444europe.com
Sales and Technical Contact: Jonathan Fall JFall@bluefish444europe.com

AJA Video Boards
AJA supply video boards. Items are covered under a RTB warranty.
AJA Video Systems Inc.
180 Litton Drive
Grass Valley
CA 95945
Tel: +1 530 271 3190
Web: www.aja.com
email sdksupport@aja.com
Business hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.
Tech support for the Corvid product is available via email the customer may request a call back when needed.

In warranty replacement shipments are paid by AJA one way via UPS worldwide expedited delivery in London 2-5 business days depending on the customs procedures and policies.
Out of warranty replacement shipments is the customers responsibility paying both ways plus all duties and taxes.
The customer is responsible for the return shipping of the defective product.

Crystal Vision Keyers and Delays
Crystal Vision supply chromakeyers, linear keyers and delays. Items are covered under a 12 month RTB warranty.
Crystal Vision Ltd.
Lion Technology Park
Cambridge CB2 4NL, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1223 497049
Web: http://www.crystalvision.tv
Sales Contact: Ray Davis Ray@crystalvision.tv
Technical Contact: Andrew King Andrew@crystalvision.tv

MoSys Heads
MoSys supply ptz heads and cranes fitting with tracking sensors.
Mo-Sys Ltd
Unit B211, Faircharm Trading Estate
8-12 Creekside
London SE8 3DX, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8694 2076
Web: http://www.mo-sys.com/
Sales Contact: Michael Geissler michael@mo-sys.com
Technical Contact: Mark Seaton Markse@mo-sys.com

Vinten Heads
Vinten supply ptz heads, tracked pedistals and robotic heads and the free-d camera tracking systems.
Vinten Broadcast Ltd
Western Way
Bury St Edmunds
Suffolk IP33 3TB, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1284 752121
Web: http://www.vinten.com
Sales Contact: Mark Osborn Mark.Osborn@vinten.com
Admin Contact: Hayley Virciglio Hayley.Virciglio@vinten.com

To allow remote access to customers machines RT Software uses the Teamviewer software.

Teamviewer allows you to selectively grant access to your machine so that RT Software can only login when you allow it.

If TeamViewer is not already installed on your PC you can download from our Partner Pages.

If you require access to our secured Partner Pages, – phone +44 (0)20 7168 8820 or email support@rtsw.co.uk

If you do not have access to our Partner Pages, please download from …

For Windows – Teamviewer 11

For RedHat 5.5 –Teamviewer 7
Note that for RedHat 5.5 (the version we currently use) ONLY use Teamviewer 7.

Once you start TeamViewer we need to know the ID and password.

RT Software Licence Key Update


The tOG software is protected from un-authorised use by a USB security device or “dongle”. The dongle controls which tOG capabilities can be used and it may also enforce a time-limited right-to-use (RTU). If you require additional capability or additional time-allowance RTU then you will need to get the dongle updated. Dongle updates are done via files. The user generates a “request” file (extension .req) and sends it to RT Software. RT Software will use the request file to generate a new license file (extension .nlf) and then send it to the user. The user can then use the new license file to update their dongle.


The dongle can be updated from any machine that has tOG installed. Insert the dongle to be updated in the chosen machine and make sure that no other dongle is
attached and that tOG is NOT running. Please continue using the appropriate section below:

From a Windows PC

If not done so already download file SecureUpdateUtility.zip

unzip the file to create a new folder called “Secure Update Utility”.

Inside the “Secure Update Utility” folder double-click on file SecureUpdateUtility.exe and follow the instructions to create a request (e.g. dongle.req) file.

Send the request file to support@rtsw.co.uk

Upon receipt of a new license file (e.g dongle.nlf) use the same utility as above to update your dongle

From a Linux PC
Login from the main login screen as root – you will need to type in the name “root” as it does not have a clickable icon. The password will be tog unless it has been changed since the machine was delivered.

download file SHK secureupdate 1.3.tar

Download and extract the contents of the file SHK secureupdate 1.3.tar

Double-click on the “Secure Update Utility” icon.

In the window that opens type:
./SecureUpdateUtility -r ./dongle.req

Send the request file (/tmp/dongle.req) to support@rtsw.co.uk

Upon receipt of a new license file (dongle.nlf) type:
./SecureUpdateUtility -n ./dongle.nlf

From an Apple Mac

If not done so already download file download the file MAC Secure Update Utility.zip

unzip the file to create a new folder called “MAC Secure Update Utility” Open the “Terminal” application and set the working directory to “MAC Secure Update Utility”

In the “Terminal” window type:
./SecureUpdateUtility -r ./dongle.req

Send the request file (dongle.req) to support@rtsw.co.uk

Upon receipt of a new license file (dongle.nlf) type: 
./SecureUpdateUtility -n ./dongle.nlf

As a valued user of our software, we offer a low cost annual Software Support contract through which you can report any issues with our product, expect fixes and also benefit with new free of charge interim versions of our software. The software will be made available for you to download from our ftp site, and for you to install. Having a Support Contract does not include installation of the new versions of the software on site by RT Software, although this can be arranged on a chargeable basis.

Reasonable telephone support, upgrade advice and even remote assistance via a remote desktop is available by arrangement free of charge.
You can contact us during UK office hours – phone +44 (0)20 7384 9277 or email support@rtsw.co.uk

We understand that broadcast is a 24/7 business. Through prior arrangement or a simple upgrade to your standard Software Support contract you are able to call on us out of hours. Please contact sales@rtsw.co.uk


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