2D and 3D Broadcast Graphics

On-air graphics are a crucial part of your channel’s look and feel, directly affecting the user experience. RT Software can help optimise this with a range of graphics creation and playout products aimed at achieving visual perfection and cost minimisation. Our overlay graphics products scale from crisp and sophisticated 2D graphics through to pushing the boundaries in what is possible today with the very best in 3D graphics. Naturally data handling, video and clips can all be integrated seamlessly with your graphics.

Furthermore, these products are groundbreaking. We have tackled and solved the “big questions” of our industry. We lead the way on UHD, 10-bit, HDR, virtualisation, CPU rendering, IP and more. And these are enterprise products – combine with our web control solutions and they are the start point of a scalable, distributable broadcast graphics infrastructure.




tOG-2d – Easy to use, high quality, powerful broadcast graphics

This fully featured product can deliver the most demanding of on-air graphics yet everything is accessible through a simple and intuitive designer interface. Smart use of clips within the graphics templates can even create the illusion that the graphics are coming off the most expensive of systems.

There are two versions available:

  • tOG-2d Pro. This is a fully self contained “go to air” system with template editor, manual or remote control options and the rendering engine giving SDI, IP or file based output.
  • tOG-2d Edit. This is just the template creation tool, so intended for use with external rendering enviroment such as when our rendering engine is embedded in 3rd party playout systems.

Our 2D product allows a move to a modern platform that is easy to learn and use even when there are no 3D skills in house. Plus you can upgrade at anytime to the more complex world of 3D graphics. One of the key benefits here is that the look & feel and many of the technical aspects of the Editor and Playout / Control sides of this system are the same as our tOG-3d range of products.

tOG-2d is a modern broadcast graphics system running on affordable “off the shelf” broadcast specification PC hardware. It is capable of sophisticated, high quality graphics and has powerful data handling capabilities. You will be most impressed by its capabilities in the core requirements for on air graphics – text, clocks, tickers/ crawls, tables and video / clip handling.

tOG-3d – Fully embracing the possibilities of 3D graphics

Capable of delivering a truly complete range of on air graphics, tOG-3d enables the most ambitious and demanding of broadcast graphics. 

The product is available as a standalone solution – “tOG-3d Pro”, which bundles up the 3D template editor, manual or remote control options and the rendering engine giving SDI, IP or file based output. Alternatively, these elements can be purchased separately for cost effective high volume deployments. 

This product has been at the forefront of what is possible in real time graphics for years and we believe it is one of the most powerful 3D real-time renderers available. 

Realistic lighting of the 3d scene is achieved with per-pixel lighting and a choice of lights such as Infinite, spot and local, whilst custom shaders give the designer controls over how surfaces react to light. IT incorporates rendering techniques such as Physically Based Rendering (PBR) to mimick physical lighting based on material properties.

3D design is rarely the result of one single workstation or designer and tOG-3d ensures collaborative workflow, either by importing original models from applications such as 3DSmax, Maya, C4D via .fbx files, or PBR maps from Quixel Suite or Substance Painter.

All this means great looking graphics, whilst the flexible and template based workflow ensures that no matter how complex the graphic – it will always be able to react last minute changes to content or rundown order.

tOG-3d/2d Product Details

tOG-2dtOG-3dtOG-EditControltOG-Live4K Support


tOG-2d is more than just a traditional character generator, meeting the demands of modern broadcasting with features such as sophisticated data handling, rich looking graphics and support for emerging video clips and formats such as 4k. With a simple and easy to use interface, tOG-2d means that no longer do you need to go to full 3D or face compromising your on air look.

You can choose to purchase as a bundle (tOG-2d Pro) with everything required for design, rendering and control of graphics from one box. If at a later date you need to scale up your workflow.the elements required can be purchased individually; tOG2d-Edit (for design), tOG-Web Control (Control) or tOG2d-Live (the Live Renderer) as separate licences. Don’t forget to look at the tabs on the left to see the specific benefits for each of the elements, below is just some of the generic benefits of tOG-2d.

Tailor your graphics system to your requirements
With options to purchase each element of tOG-2d separately, users can scale their system to their exact requirements without paying extra for unwanted parts. Design graphics in multiple locations with extra tOG-2d Edit licences, run graphics in additional studios with tOG-Live, and control playout from anywhere with tOG-Web Control. Only buy the licences you need for your workflow.

Not just for the gallery
Straps, tickers, tables & charts, full forms, promos, bugs and squeeze backs are all possible allowing the system to be used beyond traditional overlay style graphics and into areas such as channel branding and playout.

Reduce demands on other equipment
The tOG-2d Live renderer supports video and key outputs and video in, allowing graphics to be keyed on to pass through video, negating the need for external keying or multiple switcher inputs. Local clips are also supported so no need for an external clip server to provide moving beds.

Guarantee your on air look
Through the creation of graphic templates, styles and page layouts can be created in advance and locked to prevent changes prior to going on air. Guarantee brand consistency by preventing accidental or unauthorised changes to graphics.

Ensure the latest content goes to air.
Content fields on templates such as text and images can be defined with interactors to allow content and data to be added on or near to TX. This content can be added manually to allow reaction to unexpected events, as tOG-2d also supports multiple data sources (xml, Opta, RSS etc) so content updates can also be automated with a connection to an external data source

No need to compromise on dynamic animations
With tOG-2d, an accessible and easy path to creation does not mean compromising the dynamic on air look. A fully featured animation toolset based on a timeline with editable curved paths and splines, and unlimited methods is included as standard and boasts an interface familiar to anyone with experience of standard animation software.

Define text, data and object position regardless of content
Ruby script expressions can be added to graphics so text and data can be defined to respect position regardless of how much content is added prior to going on air. Properties between two objects can be linked to ensure that different sized assets appear in matching positions and size. Give your producers the confidence to add up to date content and assets at the last minute.

Protect your investment with a no penalty upgrade path
When your company grows we want to grow with you. Whilst tOG-2d provides a cost effective entry point to integrated workflow broadcast graphics, if you later decide you need to go to full 3D system, upgrade to tOG-3d for only the difference in licence cost.


tOG-3d provides unrivalled power and quality for broadcasters wanting to bring their on air graphics to the highest level. Multiple 3d nodes and planes, lighting particle and texture effects and modern techniques such as Physically Based Rendering (PBR) are all standard features. Supported by one of the most powerful real time software renderers available, tOG-3d is capable of bringing the most demanding conceptual content to air without compromise.

As with tOG-2d, you can choose to purchase tOG-3d as a bundle (tOG-3d Pro) with everything required for design, rendering and control of graphics from one box. If at a later date you need to scale up your workflow.the elements required can be purchased individually; tOG3d-Edit (for design), tOG-Web Control (Control) or tOG3d-Live (the Live Renderer) as separate licences. Don’t forget to look at the tabs on the left to see the specific benefits for each of the elements.

tOG-3d has all the benefits of tOG-2d on the previous tab, below are just some of the additional benefits provided by tOG-3d:

Collaborate with users of other 3D design applications
tOG-3d fully supports the import of industry standard .fbx files created on industry standard 3d design applications. The process imports not just the 3D mesh and materials, but also texture baked objects, animations, lighting, multi-sub objects and scene hierarchy. Take the design process to the furthest possible point using industry standard, familiar and readily available 3D design applications such as 3ds Max, Maya or Cinema 4D.

Match perspective and point of view to the real world.
With multiple view ports such as front, side, top and perspective viewports to view the graphic in 3D space from multiple angles, verifying perspective is just and easy click away. The choice to render the viewport as camera or per pixel alignment makes it just as easy adjust Z axis depth changes to represent accurate field of views. tOG-3d designers have the tools at hand to ensure their graphic has real world relevance enhancing the sense of realism.

Achieve realistic lighting
Enhanced lighting effects are included as standard in tOG-3d. Per-pixel lighting is part of general scene and their is a choice of lights types such as Infinite, Spot and Local. All this with no need for special plug-ins or shaders makes it easy to achieve perfectly lit scenes.

Custom Shaders
Users are free to create their own FX custom shaders which can then be used in tOG-3d. Controls for the shader automatically appear in the GUI to allow easy control of how surfaces react to light.

Push the limits of real time rendering with PBR
Physically based rendering (PBR), a modern real world lighting technique to squeeze rendering hardware for all it can give is fully supported. The PBR shader mimics physical lighting based on material properties and can import maps generated on third party applications such as Quixel Suite or Substance Painter. tOG-3d pushes the ability to mimic tiny surface details and complex lighting and reflections to a level that was previously impossible in real time applications.

Achieve any 3D effect.
The scene file of tOG-3d supports multiple nodes of different types to support all kinds of effects. The FX node allows the designer to apply special effects such as bumps, cloth, smoke and water. Warp blends text and content around curved objects to match text to real life objects. Whilst the soft plane gives soft edge and 3D masking capabilities.

Handle last minute changes to the on air rundown
Enable flexibility to the animated playout of graphics with transition logic. Determine how a graphic currently on air will react when the next graphic animates on depending on the graphic type, move up on the screen for a ticker, animate off for a full form graphic. Build allowances for any possible last minute changes to the on air rundown to the template to give producers full flexibility and confidence in their graphics during live shows.


tOG-Edit is the offline design/edit application for creation of all your tOG graphics, Available as tOG-2d Edit or tOG-3d Edit depending on your choice of tOG renderer tOG-Edit is included as part of the “Pro” bundle, or can be purchased separately as a standalone component to allow you to scale your workflow.

Capable and intuitive, it is a feature rich graphics editor with an interface that is immediately familiar to designers used to broadcast design applications. tOG-Edit is compatible with industry standard creation tools (StudioMax, Cinema 4d for tOG-3d, Photoshop for tOG-2d) and exceeds industry expectations for live real time rendering. Quality, ease of use and the ability to handle the most complex graphics scenarios come as standard.

Create anywhere anytime.
tOG-2d edit can be installed on desktop or laptop workstations located anywhere within your facility or even off site and off line from the playout system. Design remains firmly in the hands of the graphics team without being constrained by demands on your playout system.

Lock down your style
Specify which parts of the template can be modified by the playout system to allow only the content and data to change near to TX. Guarantee quality of brand by preserving all stylistic elements of the graphic.

Quick tools (Tickers, Tables, Clocks)
Using broadcast specific nodes high quality stock graphics such as tickers or crawls, tables, charts and clocks can be created extremely efficiently and quickly. Tickers are just a few mouse clicks away and the tOG-Edit Duplicate Nodes simplifies the task of creating tables.

External Data
Data handling: The tOG-Edit interface provides drag and drop tools for template authors to access new data streams from virtually anywhere to drive dynamic content from external data sources. This may be MySql databases, an rss feed, an xml file, or simply a watch folder for new images to ensure that only the latest and most accurate information goes to air keeping your channel up to the minute.

Audio Handling
Audio manipulation can be built in to the graphic template with 16 channels of audio i/o ensuring the right audio goes to air with the graphic.

Support of all standard image files
Create assets in the application of your choice (Photoshop, Gimp etc.) and import them to your tOG graphic as images. No reason to restrict your creativity.

Support of .fbx files with tOG-3d Edit
Import complex 3d models created on industry standard applications such as 3ds Max or Maya. No need to re-learn new 3d design tools.

Internal Clips
Clips, including transparent clips, can be integrated as part of your graphic and played of the internal hard drive when the graphic goes to air. No need for an external clip player for your moving backgrounds and beds.

Extensive animation toolset.
Fully-features toolset for animation including curves editor for eases, pads and spline behaviours including bezier, ramp, cycle and step values. Have confidence in control when designing your playout animations.

Preview Playout.
tOG-2d Edit includes a playout replicator to preview how graphics will animate on air and interact with each other in a rundown. Have full confidence that your graphics will animate correctly before sending to the playout device.


When it comes to controlling playout of your graphics, multiple options are available for both tOG-2d and tOG-3d to ensure that the right graphics are played out at the right time. Whether automated with external data feeds, manual operator driven preview/program playout or a combination of both, tOG fits in around your workflow, not the other way round.

Direct control with tOG-Playout:
Included as standard as part of the Pro versions of tOG-2d and tOG 3d, tOG-Playout is a directly connected solution for live use allowing operators in the gallery to easily create rundowns and interact with graphic content before going to air. With an easy to use and configure interface, minimal training or specialist skills are required so can be operated by a PA.

Manual control from remote or multiple locations with tOG-Web Control:
When the requirement is to control your graphic playout from a variety of different locations, the optional tOG-Web Control is the solution by providing similar functionality to tOG-Playout thorough a web browser. As no specialist software is required to be installed on the control system, any device connected to the network can be given permission to control any tOG graphic system. Move between galleries and studios at a moment’s notice without losing your graphics.

Intelligent, intuitive control interfaces:
With both tOG-Playout and tOG-Web Control, pages and templates are available within one window for quick and easy access and may be dragged into the stack or render window for instant playout. React instantly to changes in your program rundown.

Control Multiple tOG Live outputs from one Playout system:
Use one playout station to control multiple renderers in different formats such as HD, UHD or web. Ensure that your graphics are delivered in the right formats simultaneously from a single operator.

A preview window is built in to the control interfaces to provide preview functionality without the need for a second channel. This preview window is available as an HDMI output to be shown on the monitor wall giving both the operator and program director confidence in the next graphic.

Transition Logic:
With tOG’s support for graphic and state based transitions, the smooth movement from one page to the next is assured and is fully automated for the operator. A graphic’s on animation can be set to act differently according to the style of the graphic that is already on air, if your rundown changes, be confident that transitions will still run smoothly.

Linear Keyer:
For simple overlays use the built-in onboard linear keyer on the selected video card. This provides both audio pass through and watchdog failsafe fall over when video I/O is contained on the same board so that video transmission can be guaranteed even in the event of complete system failure.


It is a stand alone PC system that incorporates all the functionality of our various technologies and provides real time 3D rendering bringing you the very latest in 3D rendering techniques. Whether it is Sports, Character generation or Virtual reality, tOG 3d Live provides state of the art real time 3D Rendering with best in class SD and HD output.

Tools Ensuring Great Results Graphics systems can have the best rendering in the world, but without careful attention to output the result can look sub standard. tOG 3d Live includes 3, 5 or 7 tap flicker filtering to retain quality right through to the viewer. Shaped or Un Shaped output also allows mixing outputs on most desks. The tOG 3d Live output can be genlocked to analog bilevel, trilevel or SDI.

Audio Pass Through use the embedded or AES/EBU Audio pass through provided as standard. in the tOG Live system to remove the need for external delays when keying.

Laying-off MPEG to Disk For future use, or maybe playout by an automation system, lay off any tOG 3d graphics to disk using a variety of mpeg formats.

Direct Web Streamed Output tOG Live provides mpeg streaming compliant output with sub pixel accuracy for even the lowest transmission rates.

Multi-Channel Live Video Input tOG 3d Live supports the input of up to 2 full RGBA live video streams, which are then available direct to render—not just DVE backgrounds. This enables the application of video inputs as textured objects to any form of geometry with full UVW mapping.

Multiple MPEG Stream Input -tOG Live supports streaming mpegs direct from disk and even across the web. Nearly all MPEG standard can be played direct including MPEG2, MPEG4 and FLV. This includes Audio streaming.

Standard Protocol Layers If you already have custom control systems and you don’t want to re-write them – then don’t. Just add your protocol layer to our standard Custom plug-in and we do the rest. Or use any one of our 3 standard protocol layers (MOS, XML or Ascii).

Shared Dynamic Libraries In addition to this, we provide wrappers for our standard communication layers in the form of shared dynamic libraries. These may be included in 3rd party applications to facilitate rapid application development of custom control interfaces.

Preview capability Often an important aspect of gallery operation. Being able to see what is about to go on air can be vitally important for good editorial control and content validation. tOG Render can easily be run up as a second system on the same machine to provide final frame preview. Our protocol systems give you full control over this functionality.

OEM Linkable Shared Library As well as stand alone operation, the tOG 3d core rendering system can be supplied as a linkable shared library that can be included into other system supplier’s applications facilitating full OEM integration.

4k Support


Proven On Air
tOG-3D Pro 4k is RT Software’s template based real time broadcas solution running on widely available broadcast specification PC hardware. It was selected by Ericsson to be used by Europe’s first 4k channel, BT Sport, where it’s resilience and quality is proven with the TX video passing through our system virtually 24/7. Furthermore, we are comfortable delivering industry firsts – 10 years or so in our early days this centred around enhancing the quality possible with real time graphics, such as per pixel lighting, particles and physics, a custom shader framework, PBR, and much more. Today’s challenges centre not just on emerging standards like 4k and IP architectures, along with  increasing efficiency and resilience through virtualisation and distributed web based control. These latter two are both areas that RT Software is delivering to clients in production workflows in 2016.

Freely Available COS Hardware
Our software runs on standard COS (Common off the Shelf) PC hardware from leading manufacturers including HP and Dell that are backed up by a worldwide warranty and on site support capability. We issue a clear specification and give customers the choice of a one stop shop for hardware, software and services from RT Software – or to source locally. We are always happy to advise on your local hardware choice and endeavour to provide useful information on our web site here…

Full Quality Pass Through Video

Crucial for retaining 4k video quality when using our system in line with the TX video, our solution includes 10/12 bit colour support.

–          Save channels on the desk by internally key graphics onto the TX video stream in our system.

–          Use our system for DVE moves, allowing tight integration with playout graphics.

An Evolution, not a Revolution
The product is an evolution of our proven 3d graphics system, tOG-3dPro, with the addition of 4k hardware support from AJA and the neccesary software support for 4k including 10/12 bit colour.

Product Philosopy
tOG-3d is a template based system capable of delivering the most demanding graphics. It is also a well packaged product that includes everything a typical broadcaster needs in one easy to buy bundle, and this includes the live rendering engine, the editor and the control interface. Furthermore these can be consolidated onto one PC or distributed as required.

It has always been an open product in every aspect:

–          Design. Full support for Max, Maya, Photoshop and all major design tools.

–          Data. Internal, external, manual automated – all are covered.

–          Control. With support for industry (MOS, PBAK etc) and custom protocols.

–          Extendable. Add user code to extend functionality if needed.

It is also extremely flexible. Elements of a graphic can be opened up and made available to operators on the day – this adding an almost CG capability to the confines of a template based system.

Further information is available on our web site here…

UHD 4k is Just an Upgrade Away
Existing customers can upgrade to 4k UHD with just a modest software upgrade cost – although new hardware will certainly be required.

Engineered for Large Infrastructure Deployments
Effective and efficient graphics deployment in larger organisation requires careful consideration to workflows and assets. We provide a range of products to assist with this. The key areas these address include:

–          Distributable control. We provide an option for extremely sophisticated web based control. This allows maximum operational flexibility with control of graphics hosted on a Chrome web page. Fully configurable through a user GUI with features such as one can control many, many can control one and there is an option for a Preview capability.

–          Automation. Media Watcher is a rules based system to assist in the automation of graphics creation and graphics TX.

–          Distribution and management. Repository handles graphic assets in a safe and efficient manner.

–          Cost effective licencing. The 3 main elements for graphics (Live Render, Edit and Control) are available as a cost effective bundle, or can be ordered separately as required.

 Compatible with major OEM Playout solutions
More and more “Channel in a Box” providers such as S.A.M. with its ICE product are selecting RT Software for embedded 2D and 3D graphics. These products use the same editors and support the same remote protocols as our standalone graphics products, including our 4k UHD solution.

Investing in the future of graphics
RT Software has a track record for industry firsts. 10 years or so in our early days this centred around enhancing the quality possible with real time graphics, such as per pixel lighting, particles and physics, a custom shader framework, PBR, and much more. Today’s challenges centre more on increasing efficiency and resilience through virtualisation and enabling flexible and modern workflows through web based control. These latter two are both areas that RT Software is delivering to clients in production workflows in 2016.


Hardware and Operating Systems

Philosophy The main pre-requisite is a decent nVidia GPU within workstation class PC hardware.
Operating Systems Windows 7 64bit Pro – See RTSW Web Site for full details
Qualified Hardware RTSW qualifies hardware that is guaranteed to work – See +++https://rtsw.co.uk/support/


Working with External content

Font Support Import native True Type Fonts (.ttf) or Unicode Fonts as either scalable geometry or textured text bitmaps.
Image Support Includes tga + alpha (recommended), png + alpha (recommended), tif + alpha, bmp no alpha, and jpg no alpha.
Max size is 2048 x 2048.
VideoStandards PAL, NTSC, 720p, 080i (Intra frame is preferred)
Clip Support All popular video clip formats are supported natively with the included ffmpeg codecs (see http://ffmpeg.org/general.html#Video-Codecs). For broadcast use, we recommend that MPEG 4 encoded files with a bitrate of at least 5000Kbit/s are used.The following wrappers are supported. Quicktime (mov), avi, mxf, and mp4
Video file formats include WMV1/2/3, Mpeg4 pt2, mpeg1, mpeg2, H264, HuffyYUV, MJpeg, FLV, VC-1, DV25/50/100, and YUV420/2 (raw)The Clip formats for alpha include QuickTime rle (QT Animation), HuffyYUV, uncompressed RGBA, PNG single movie file (MNG), TGA Sequence, PNG Sequence, and TMV (Tog internal format).Recommended codecs with alpha channels for Quicktime wrapped movies include Animation, PNG, TGA, and Planar rgb.

Audio Features

Audio Node in tOG-Edit  Set up, animate and control audio (volume and mute) in a frame accurate manner across 16 channels of audio in and out.
Embedded audio Up to 16 channels of audio can be embedded in the SDI video.
AES/EBU audio Up to 16 channels of audio can be input via DVS.
Embedded audio in clips Mono, stereo and 5.1 surround are supported. These can be 16/24/32 bit at 48 KHz.
Audio files Mono and stereo .wav files are supported. These can be PCM 16/24/32 bit at 48 KHz .

Beyond the editor

Audio Node in tOG-Edit  Set up, animate and control audio (volume and mute) in a frame accurate manner across 16 channels of audio in and out.
Embedded audio Up to 16 channels of audio can be embedded in the SDI video
AES/EBU audio Up to 16 channels of audio can be input via DVS.
Embedded audio in clips Mono, stereo and 5.1 surround are supported. These can be 16/24/32 bit at 48 KHz.
Audio files Mono and stereo .wav files are supported. These can be PCM 16/24/32 bit at 48 KHz .

More Information

· See https://rtsw.co.uk/supported-hardware/ for a complete hardware specification
· See http://www.rtsw.co.uk/products for more information on our other technologies

Features ComparisonNodes Comparison
Features 2d 3d Pro
Import still images
.tga; .png; jpg; .bmp; .gif; .tif;
yes yes
Import stills with alpha
.tga; .png; .tif
yes yes
Import video files
Wrapped as quicktime, avi or mpg
yes yes
Import video files with alpha
Wrapped as quicktime, codecs include: animation; huffyuv; rgbPlanar; TGA; PNG
yes yes
Import video files
Wrapped as quicktime, avi or mpg
yes yes
Import fonts
True type font support as geometries and bitmaps
yes yes
Import 3d objects
.fbx (filmbox) support
no 12 yes
Native editor space
Native coordinate system, metres for 3d, pixels for 2d
yes yes
Camera analogy
Render viewport as camera or per pixel alignment
yes yes
Multiple viewports
Camera, front, side, top and perpective viewports
no 12 yes
Live manipulation of input video
yes yes
Lights and lighting fx
Infinite, spot and local lights
no 12 yes
Audio capability
Audio throughput functionality including squeeze fade up and down
yes yes
Create new Shader
Create new Shader
no 12 yes
Use multiple textures
up to four texture slots
no 12 yes
Create/edit reflection maps no 12 yes
Create/edit normal/bump maps no 12 yes
Node: Duplicate
Object duplication for tables, forms and scoreboards
yes yes
Node: FX
Special effects including refractions, bumps, cloth,water,smoke and PBR
no 12 yes
Node: Warp
Bending dynamic text and content around curved objects
no 12 yes
Node: Clip planes
2d and 3d masking capabilities
yes yes
Node: Clip soft plane
Soft edged 2d and 3d masking capabilities
no 12 yes
Node: Alpha
Add transparency to objects
yes yes
User code and extentions
Add ruby script expressions to graphics for additional functionality
yes yes
Link dynamic properties of objects together
yes yes
Unlimited animation methods per graphic
yes yes
Object Nodes
Enables flexibility with transition logic, 1 preset for tOG-2d, user definable for tOG-3d.
yes yes
Run multiple graphics
Transition logic between multiple graphics
yes yes
Layer graphics
Define which graphics will appear in front or behind other graphics
yes yes
Layer Nodes
Modifies the alpha value of all Shader nodes parented to it.
no 12 yes
Database query
Set and identify database inputs
yes yes
Primitives (number)
Common library of 2d and 3d shapes, 3 for tOG-2d and 16 for tOG-3d.
yes yes
Crawling text
yes yes
Credit rolls
yes yes
System time; offsets; countdowns and count ups
yes yes
Video in editor
View incoming video within the editor interface
yes yes
Nodes   2d 3d Pro
Modifies the alpha value of all Shader nodes parented to it.
yes yes
Basic Node
A generic node. All the other nodes are based on it. Gathers together a heterogeneous
set of operations that apply to all nodes
yes yes
Aligns nodes parented to the billboard so that they always
face towards the camera
no 12 yes
Provides a camera for the scene
no 12 yes
Provides a clip plane in the scene, which causes the scene to
be drawn only when on the front side of the 3D plane
yes yes
Provides the ability to render several different types of timers
on screen.
yes yes
Simulates a rectangle of cloth under the action of field and
mechanical forces (eg. gravity and wind).
no 12 yes
Sorts geometries based upon each other’s relative position,
and sorts geometry polygons so that they are correctly ordered
no 12 yes
Provides a Mechanism for duplicating a group of nodes and their associated
animations a number of times.
yes yes
This node provides a set of simple 2D and 3D configurable
geometric shapes.
no 12 yes
Renders all or part of scene to an image to be used as a texture elsewhere
(so used to create curved text as an example)
no 12 yes
Provides special visual effects such as corona glow and
motion blur.
no 12 yes
Extrudes a 2D shape along a 3D curve to create a 3D
no 12 yes
Provides a fog effect in the scene.
no 12 yes
The Geometry node is used to draw 3D objects in the scene.
no 12 yes
This node provides a lens flare effect
no 12 yes
Provides a light source in the scene.
no 12 yes
Enables Level-Of-Detail on nodes attached to it.
no 12 yes
Provides a direct mechanism to mess around with the internal
matrix transformations used to render the scene.
no 12 yes
Contains the polygons for a graphical object or text.
no 12 yes
Provides a mirroring surface.
no 12 yes
Semantically groups nodes together, to be used with
transition logic to get from one script to another.
no 12 yes
Provides an extension to the particle system node, by adding objects for the
particles to collide with. There are two types provided.
no 12 yes
Provides a light source in the scene.
no 12 yes
A particle system is a way of representing fuzzy objects e.g.
smoke, which have no discernible shape.
no 12 yes
The user can create a tOG plug-in an import into the Plug-ins
directory using the Import tools
no 12 yes
Refers to another part of the Scenegraph, and renders it at
the referenced position in the Scenegraph.
yes yes
Introduces physics into graphics.
no 12 yes
The base node of any scene.
yes yes
Provides animated mesh support.
yes yes
Sets the current shader in the Scenegraph.
yes yes
Shadows all the geometries and texts underneath against
each other using the specified light.
no 12 yes
This is a method for displaying a complete 360 degree scene
with just six images.
yes yes
This node sorts the geometries under it by shader
yes yes
Use the state assignments in this node in preference to the
state assignments in subsequent Shader nodes.
yes yes
Provides comprehensive support for text.
yes yes
Provides comprehensive support for tickers.
yes yes
Creates animation paths for objects and cameras
no 12 yes
Positions objects in the scene, performing translates, rotates,
scales and shears, taking pivot points into account.
yes yes
Speeds up display by not drawing objects that are not visible
to the camera.
no 12 yes
Required for video in
no 12 yes
Provides a method for deforming geometry.
no 12 yes
Used for performance tuning
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Having selected RT Software to supply your broadcast graphics solutions, on-going help and advice are critical in delivering user satisfaction. This, along with bug fixes and free of charge new releases of the software is included as part of our annual Software Support contract. Click here to download a copy.

Support on our hardware is easy too. We use industry standard, low cost and from reputable manufacturers with worldwide availability and good after sales service. Furthermore, all our products can run on the same platform meaning you can enjoy low cost n+1 redundant hardware strategies.

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If you need to contact RT Software Support – phone +44 (0)20 7168 8820 or email support@rtsw.co.uk

  • Software Support. Available through an annual contract for any of the tOG family of broadcast graphics products and solutions. Customers with a valid contract are entitled to reasonable telephone based assistance during UK office hours (UK 09.00 to 17.00) plus new interim releases of the software free of charge. Please note that as standard this does not include any on-site assistance.
  • Out of Hours Support. Customers requiring out of UK office hours support can extend their contracts to include this.
  • Hardware Support. We pass through the manufacturers warranties and can provide telephone assistance during office hours on the products that we qualify or supply. In addition, we may hold these products in stock ready for prompt shipment to you.
  • Additional Support. We appreciate that as a broadcaster you will have times when graphics can be critical. We can tailor a package of additional support to assist as required and this can include being on site with you – wherever that is.

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What Our Clients Say”

“Snell and Quantel offer a wide range of broadcast solutions, with the RT Software relationship focussed around embedded graphics for the ICE Channel in a Box product family. The first product iteration was to integrate high quality fully featured 3d graphics into the ICE platform, which proved extremely successful. We also quickly established there was a high demand for the inherent simplicity of 2d graphics and RT delivered a 2d graphics solution for us in a very short time frame. RT Software has become a truly valued partner with an in depth understanding of end to end broadcast solutions and are of course experts in live graphics.”
Karl Mehring, Head of Product Architecture, TV Everywhere - Snell Group
Protea is a long established Grass Valley Reseller in South Africa. We first started working with RT Software through the GV Edition of tOG Sports that works seamlessly with the K2 and Dyno sports video server solution from Grass. But we soon learnt that RTSW has a full range of graphics solutions that we are now establishing an expanding client base for in South Africa. RT has been hands on assisting us with proposals, sales support and having their products and staff on our booth at local shows.”

Shaun Kerr, Divisional Manager-Broadcast and Multimedia - Protea Electronics (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
Trans Gulf Media is an established broadcast solutions provider for the Middle East market. Saudi TV wanted to raise its game for its coverage of the 2014 King Cup football tournament and chose TGM as producers using products and services from RT Software. A production crew with staff from both companies provided innovative hi-tech graphics solutions that included giant touchscreens, an interactive ‘touch table’ and augmented reality graphics on the studio floor. Against a tight schedule stunning results were achieved.

Paul Sinclair, Trans Gulf Media
RT Software’s solution has really improved our content and storytelling and enabled us to deliver new and exclusive information to our viewers. Graphics form a vital part of our coverage, it means we can display clear and comprehensive to the audience, and from a marketing perspective it really strengthens our offering and takes ESPN technology to the next level.
Ricardo Spinelli, Editor – Brazil Journalism SportsCenter - ESPN Brazil
We used tOG-Sports for our coverage of Curling at the Sochi Winter Olympics, curling has specific graphic requirements which have been met by tOG Sports. The product aids the Talents’ commentary, in particular their ability to explain the mechanics of the sport to the viewer
Peter Small, Producer - BBC Sport
Having a system that was quick and easy to rig on race days was critical, we only have a few hours to rig so the fact that the tOG system can be fully operational so swiftly helps take the pressure off.
Duncan Foot, Managing Director - Moov
The virtual graphics we debuted at the Cheltenham Gold Cup was one of a number of new additions to our programming which looks set to deliver the best viewing experience yet for our audience throughout the rest of the season and beyond
Jamie Aitchison, Sports Editor - Channel 4, UK
We really wanted to push the creative boundaries with our UEFA Champions League coverage and the RT Software solution stood out because of the quality of the rendering – essentially what you see on the screen looks fantastic. RT Software has a desire to do graphics better than anyone else and a solid history of innovation around that. They are the perfect match for us, both technically and culturally
Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Officer - BT Sport, UK
Not only were we impressed with the way tOG-VR was able to render such complex and realistic scenes, but also by the support given by RT Software’s creative team in the design and implementation. With the design done at RT Software, all that was required was a two day visit to ERR from one of their team and we were confident enough to go to air the following week
Risto Sirts, Cheif Technical Officer - ERR, Estonia
We are impressed with the speed in which RT Software used our new protocol and the new way of calibrating the lens. It enabled the creative guys to focus all of their energy into creating the effects and not having to worry on locking the graphics to the floor. No one had to mention the tracking which made us very happy. Thumbs up to RT software experts for a quick support of our newest development
Stjepan Cajic, CEO - StypeGrip
When we moved to 3D graphics, we needed a product with good, local support – as well as flexibility and value for money. We chose tOG-3d and it has been in daily use since then. We have done tests using it as a single camera virtual studio solution and were very impressed. In all, it has been a good choice
Tamas Lanyi, Technical Director - HirTV, Hungary
We first started working with RT Software in 2007 when we replaced our virtual graphics systems for the Rugby Super League during the move to HD and have continued our relationship ever since and expanded it to other sports. Their system ticked all the boxes, not only handling the VR side but also incorporating HD video in the virtual Jumbotron graphics
Darren Long, Head of Operations - SkySports, UK
tOG-Sports Pro has improved the service we offer to our licensees’ viewers. The system allows us to utilise the professional knowledge and experience of our studio guests and provide a new and more in depth analysis of the Barclays Premier League
Sam Leadson, Executive Producers of Premier League Productions - IMG
When Setanta sports Ireland decided to implement VR in our studio in Dublin, the decision was an easy one: we could offer all of our programmes their own virtual set instead of building 8 or more hard sets. RTSW were able to deliver on time even under the pressure of our on air dates.
Setanta studios would often have a commercial break between programmes, only allowing a short turn-around time to change sets. This was only possible with RT Software’s tOG-VR software giving us the stability and flexibility we required. Since implementation, we have received continuous support and updates from the Services teams at RT Software.
David Cooper, Head of Studios - Setanta Sports, Ireland
Cellcast required graphics systems that went way beyond traditional CG. To achieve easy and cost effective deployment and management we required a PC based platform that offered as much functionality as possible from a small footprint. tOG-3d was ideal as it handled all of our 3d graphics requirements with ease, but also gave us the ability to play clips both within the scene and as full screen graphics, handled DVE moves and even audio. It gave us a VR capability when needed
Martin Quinlan, Cheif Technical Officer
It’s a great pleasure to be associated with RT’s powerful software. The emergence of virtual broadcasting is beginning to rapidly take centre stage across the world, with many networks now seeking out new ways in which to rapidly deploy not only a superior quality of graphics but a more challenging visualisation of VR/AR. With the combination of RT Software’s capabilities backed up by a wealth of experience and Ncam’s advanced tracking capabilities, boundaries are being pushed to higher levels. This means the delivery of quality graphics in new innovative ways and it’s a pleasure to achieve this with such a key player in the industry as RT Software
Kinglsey Cook, Business Development Executive - Ncam Technologies
AMP VISUAL TV provides services throughout the live production processes with at its disposal one of the largest fleets of OB vans in Europe and use RT Software tOG solutions to insert virtual graphics such as distance markers or sponsor logos right in to the sporting action. We have evaluated alternative solutions, but none have the ease of use and reliability RT Software’s, or the expertise of their creative team. To put it simply, they deliver!
Nordine Sekouri, Technical Manager - AMP Visual, France
“Having worked for many years at the BBC presenting flagship Election and
News programs, I was constantly astounded by the ground breaking and
innovative systems the founders of RTSoftware produced. Whenever a problem
arose which looked insoluble, they solved it, however long it took. I cannot
speak too highly of them. Some of the techniques they developed have gone on
to become industry standards. They enabled the BBC to present complex news
stories in an exciting and accessible way.”
Peter Snow, Presenter- BBC NEWS