Adding Telestration and Analysis Graphics to the K2 Family

With control via the Dyno S touchscreen!

Add graphical analysis to your replay clips with the Grass Valley edition of tOG-Sports. Simply use the touchscreen of the Dyno S to select clips for analysis, add telestration using a palette on the Dyno S screen and play straight to air or lay the clip off for use later.  This is a tightly integrated solution with the K2 and a truly unique solution.

See it in action here

Functionality of the tOG-Sports GV Edition

Intended as a low cost add on to the K2, the tOG-Sports GV Edition delivers an entry level of high quality telestration. See the tOG-Sports brochure for more details and how it compares to the other products in the tOG-Sports family – and remember, you can upgrade to the additional functionality in tOG-Sports Lite and Pro at any time.
  • High quality 2d “on screen” graphics – lines, circles, regions.
  • Magnifiers and highlight tools.
  • Vertical and horizontal split screen.
  • Keyframing of graphics for smooth movements.
  • Easy customisation such as home and away colours
  • Live or near live operation.
  • Layoff analysis clips to K2 for later use (replay).
  • It is worth noting that amongst other things 3d perspective, tied to pitch and chromakeyed graphics and the ability to save and recall graphics stacks are not included in the GV Edition – but are available as upgrades.

Flexibility in Deployment

There is great flexibility for configuring tOG-Sports with K2, with the following options supported:
  • SDI baseband into tOG-Sports from 1st K2 channel, analysis sequences created and when required the tOG Sports operator can render any of these out live as SDI baseband to desk / TX.
  • SDI baseband into tOG Sports from 1st K2 channel, record to tOG Sports local disk in broadcast quality DVPro100 (MXF wrapper) or AVC-I. This file can then be played or transferred as required.
  • SDI into tOG Sports from 1st K2 channel, record SDI output from tOG back to 2nd K2 channel.
  • Network based file transfer to / from the K2.
  • Streaming clip from K2 live over the network, record back to K2 over network.

Easy to buy “off the shelf” solutions

Its “load and go” and the software runs on modest specification PCs readily available from HP, Dell or SuperMicro. We can supply these or they can be sourced locally using our hardware guidelines  below. It’s an easy product to use – installation and training takes just a single day, and to assist we provide online video tutorials and remote assistance in use of the product, plus the option of a full range of on site services.

Tightly integrated with the K2 Family:

  • AMP based remote control of K2
  • Support of GV specific video formats
  • Support of Dyno S touchscreen for control
  • Split screen video graphics

The Grass Valley Edition of tOG-Sports can be ordered directly from Grass Valley – and if you want to enjoy the additional functionality in our tOG-Sports Lite and tOG-Sports Pro products we can upgrade you at any time.

In addition, RTSW can work with Grass Valley and its dealers, SIs and VARs to provide solutions covering not just the tOG-Sports product family – but all of RTSW’s products.
Resources Available:

– Grass Valley Internal Documentation, available here…

– RTSW Demo Video

– RTSW Set Up Video

– Demo Licences and Material

– DLC configuration for K2 IP Streaming


PC Hardware – Specifications for buying Locally:

The Grass Valley edition of tOG Sports will run any of our broadcast specification PC’s, but note that the split screen graphic mandates the DVS Atomix Lite video i/o card has the option for a 2nd video in channel installed. These specialist DVS broadcast boards may be supplied by GV and are also available quickly from RT Software.

We can quote and supply hardware on request, or you can source a PC locally from a reputable manufacture (we recommend HP, Dell and SuperMicro) to the “low end sports, Edit and Control” specifications provided here. Follow the guidance given to ensure the correct and best value hardware is selected.

In some countries the DVS Atomix LT cards can be difficult to source – these can be ordered via Grass Valley or direct from RTSW. Please ring our sales team if any assistance is needed on hardware.

Become a Dealer for the full family of RT Software tOG-Sports products today:

Authorised Grass Valley resellers, dealers and SI’s are invited to join our dealer network. There is no up front commitments, and you can introduce the full range of tOG Sports products to your K2 customer base immediately.

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