From a VT op quickly adding a few lines and a highlighted region on the first replay through to easy to use touchscreens and tablets for in depth studio analysis. Whether you aspire to the very best in “tied to pitch” graphics and virtual views to explain game play all the way to augmented reality and virtual advertising you can trust in RT Software to deliver. Our modular approach means that you can tailor a solution to your exact needs, or look at one of our value for money bundles – either way you will soon be on air with real added value graphics that will take your sports content to the next level. We offer a tight integration with all the leading replay servers or can work standalone, either ingesting live SDI content to work on or in a file based mode. Stunning graphics, flexible workflows and easy to use. It all adds up to a very compelling approach.




tOG-Sports (NDI®/SDI) – Our entry level product that works alongside a replay server.

  • • Live video effects (split screen, zoom & magnifiers).
  • • Comprehensive range of telestration tools (lines, circles & highlights).
  • • Keyframeable graphics can follow the action. 
  • • Easy to use with superb results.

tOG-Sports 2d Bundle Builds on the capabilities of the (NDI®/SDI) product with the addition of:

  • • Graphics can be applied to the pitch in 3d perspective. 
  • • Software keyers put players on top of graphics.
  • • Supports on pitch graphics when VT paused.
  • • Virtual stadium views.

tOG-Sports Lite Bundle – Builds on all you have in tOG-Sports 2d, this raises the game with “on the pitch” graphics.

  • • SDI crash record for content ingest.
  • • File based workflows for maximum flexibility.
  • • Touchscreen and tablet support for use in studios & commentary positions.
  • • Dual control, operator and presenter.

tOG-Sports Pro Bundle This bundle adds all you need for sophisticated sports analysis graphics.

  • • VT can roll when graphics applied to pitch.
  • • Adds metrics graphics (speed, distances etc).
  • • Poseable 3d player models for stadium views.
  • • Further upgrades possible including 4k, augmented reality and full 3d editor.

tOG-Sports (NDI®/SDI)

tOG-Sports 2d

tOG-Sports Lite

tOG-Sports Pro

Integrated with the leading replay servers

If it’s happening live, then the chances are the first place you will get access to a clip will be where it’s being recorded – the replay server. And you don’t want to be pushing clips around during an event, so we connect to the server and seamlessly work with content residing on it. If it is one of our supported servers then we can see thumbnails of the clips, allowing you to browse and select a clip to work on, control the clip from either the server control panel or our interface and add telestration and graphics to the clip as required.

And tOG-Sports can be fast. First replay fast.

Click on your replay server of choice below and we’ll tell you in more detail about the functionality we offer – it does vary a little device to device. If your server isn’t there, then give us a call, we can still help with support for generic interfaces such as Sony 9-pin, in box crash record capability and a file based workflow option.

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tOG-Sports Product Details


NDI®/SDI 2D Lite Pro
Standard Graphics palette
Comprehensive range of 2D graphics such as Circles, Arrows, Lines, Magnifiers and Regions
yes yes yes yes
Network Control of Replay Servers
Full access and control of clips on supported replay servers.
yes yes yes yes
Create complex sequences of graphic events and save for recall from any control screen.
yes yes yes yes
Dual Screen operation
Simultaneously operate tOG-Sports from operator screen, and touch screen in studio.
no 12 yes yes yes
Internal Clip Support
Work in internal clips, and layoff completed clips with graphics for use in other applications.
no 12 yes yes yes
Web Control
Control tOG-Sports from tablet or other mobile devices
no 12 yes yes yes
Custom Designable Skins
Brand your studio screen interface to your look
no 12 yes yes yes
Multiple Keyer options
Key your graphics with great results on the most demanding of surfaces.
no 12 no 12 yes yes
Player Drag
Use keyer to cut out players and move to new positions.
no 12 no 12 yes yes
Pseudo Cameras
Match a virtual camera to a real camera for realistic looking perspective on graphics
no 12 no 12 yes yes
Extended Graphics Palette
Adding a wide range of 3D graphic tools including virtual stadium view
no 12 no 12 yes yes
Video based tracking
Track movement of camera using features in the video, tie the graphics to the pitch
no 12 no 12 no 12 yes
2D Track
Graphics automatically follow Players
no 12 no 12 no 12 yes
Posed Players
Render a 3D view of a freeze frame to view virtual camera angles.
no 12 no 12 no 12 yes
Record to Disk
Continue to record Live Video whilst telestrating.
Optional Optional Optional Optional
VR/AR Support
Integrate to VR camera sensors for live insertions or augmented reality
Optional Optional Optional Optional
Main Concepts Codec
Layoff completed stacks and sequences to a variety of video formats, including MP4
Optional Optional Optional Optional
Create custom graphics with tOG-Sports
Optional Optional Optional Optional
Opta Data Graphics
Data driven graphics including heat maps, touch maps, path to goal, shots on goal etc.
Optional Optional Optional Optional
Support for UHD 4K Video
Optional Optional Optional Optional
AR Package
Package of AR graphics aimed at studio shows
Optional Optional Optional Optional
OverviewtOG-Sports-NDI / SDItOG-Sports 2dtOG-Sports LitetOG-Sports ProAdditional Options

Product philosophy
In order to meet the wide range of use cases and to address specific graphics requirements in a cost effective manner we offer
you a choice of:

  • An entry level product onto which you can add the options you require.
  • Sensible product bundles at cost effective prices, aimed at specific use cases. You can also add additional options to these if needed.

Entry level products
“tOG-Sports” is a high quality telestrator that works alongside a replay server. We offer 2 variants:

  •  “tOG-Sports (NDI)”. This is aimed at the NDI market working alongside the 3Play series of replay servers from Newtek.
  •  “tOG-Sports (SDI)”. This is aimed at baseband video replay servers such as EVS, LiveTouch and Dyno. It will also support Sony 9pin devices.
  •  “SDI” option. This adds SDI to NDI version, effectively upgrading it to tOG-Sports (SDI).

Additional Options included in the “tOG-Sports 2d” bundle

  •  “Internal Clips” support. This means the system can work independently from a video server, either on files pushed to it or from SDI crash recorded onto its hard disk.
  • “Touchscreen/Pundit” interface. This enables a second 1920 x 1080 Windows touchscreen to be set up for live presenter or commentator based analysis.
  • “Web control” for tablet and other devices. This allows distribution and sharing of an easy to use control screen, typically over a wireless network.

Additional Options included in the “tOG-Sports Lite” bundle
All the options above, plus…

  • “Virtual stadium” view. This gives
  • “Keyers and Pseudo Cameras”. This raises the game with graphics such as arrows, circles and regions to appear as though painted on the pitch. The video must be paused though.

Additional Options included in the “tOG-Sports Pro” bundle
All the options above, plus…

  • “Feature + Line Tracking” (NB – Requires Keyers and Pseudo camera option). With this options the graphics appear painted on the pitch even when the video is playing.
  • “Posed Players”. Combined with the virtual stadium view, this allows the creation of lifelike 3d reconstructions of game play.

Modules not included in bundles

  • “Record to Disk”. Allows graphics to be worked on whilst also live recording up to 4 channels of incoming HD SDI.
  • “Main Concepts Codec”. Provides support for lay off of DVC50/100, AVCi50/100 clips.
  • “tOG-3d Edit”. Full 3d editor for modifying existing or creating new telestration and analysis graphics tools.
  •  “Opta Data”. Comprehensive set of Opta data driven graphics such as Heat Maps, Touch Maps, Path to goal, shots on goal etc. Integration to data sources other than Opta is also possible.
  • “VR Support”. Support for encoded camera mounts such as Vinten 750i, enabling tied to pitch graphics or virtual advertising under in all conditions.
  • “SDI 4k”. Support for UHD 4k video.
  • “AR”. Package of AR graphics aimed at studio shows. This uses a fixed camera and the graphics include league & fixtures tables, player head to heads, video wall & screen and logos on floor.
tOG-Sports (NDI / SDI) Key Features and Benefits



The NDI & SDI variants of tOG Sports are – as far as graphics functionality and capability functionality are concerned – exactly the same product. On the showreel you will see a wide selection of clips covering most of the graphics possible. The key principle to understand in this entry level system is that on the whole the graphics appear written “on the screen” rather than “on the pitch”. That said you will note some graphics are designed in such a way that they do give a 3d perspective and can both simple to apply and very appealing to the eye.





Video enhancement tools
The product enhances the video capabilities of the replay server. Specifically this is with the following tools:

  • Vertical split screen
  • Horizontal split screen
  • Zoom tool
  • Various magnifiers





2d screen writing tools

As you would imagine there is a comprehensive selection of stock telestration tools. This includes many variations of lines, arrows, circles, shaded regions, highlighters, magnifiers and more.





VideoCLipSupport_NewFlexible in use 

As well as being able to select a clip and add graphics live, operators can create, save and recall for use later complex graphics sequences. We call this building a stack, and once created these are available on the user screen as a clip thumbnail.  When a stack is recalled, vital settings such as the graphics already added, graphic styles, key and tracking calibrations are also automatically recalled along with the clip. This frees up the operator or presenter meaning they are no longer limited to playing back simple graphics.




Keyframe support

Using the operator interface it is possible to keyframe certain tools against the moving video. With just a few mouse clicks the graphics can track the action. The keyframeable tools include:

  • Magnifiers
  • Zoom
  • Text plinths
  • Arrows
  • Highlighter




Graphics styles

Most of the graphics can be fine tuned to users preferences, the colours of arrows for example. This can be done on an individual graphic basis, or globally to set up home, away and neutral colour schemes. But it goes way beyond just the colour schemes. Sizes, opacity, magnification strength, text and many other graphics attributes can be set in just a few mouse clicks via the operator interface.




Configurable GUI

The system has dozens of graphics tools covering a wide variety of sports. It would be cumbersome to have these all available on the user interface so the product includes a drag and drop palette builder, and once a pallet is created it can be saved away and reloaded quickly and easily through the user interface. So having specific user interfaces with all your favourite tools for football, rugby, soccer, athletics and so on is quick and easy.






tOG-Sports 2d Features and Benefits

tOG-Sports 2d is what we call a product bundle. It is our base product with the following modules added to it. The cost of the bundle is lower than buying all the individual elements. As with all the modules, you can add these to lower levels of the product family to achieve the functionality you need. That said, all these modules are included in the tOG-Sports 2d bundle. It offers all the benefits of the base product which are enhanced in the following ways.


Internal Clips module

This frees the system from the constraints of needing to be connected to a costly replay server, bringing increased flexibility as to how the system can now be used. It can crash record SDI video onto its internal disk, creating an internal clip that can then be worked on to add graphics. In addition, files of a variety of broadcast friendly formats can be pushed to it and then worked on. As well as outputting SDI, the system can now also lay off clips if preferred.



Touchscreen/Pundit module

Windows touchscreen to be set up for live presenter or commentator based analysis. The touchscreen interface is easy to brand and customised in house, and multiple versions can be created, saved and recalled when needed. The system can still be concurrently controlled using the operator interface minimising the possibility of on air mistakes and breeding presenter confidence.




Web Control module

This allows distribution and sharing of an easy to use control screen, typically over a wireless network. Our support for tablets gives a few key benefits. It makes it easy to use alongside an EVS or Newtek replay server where there is no touchscreen on the control panel to put a graphics control interface. In the case of a studio show with multiple presenters, each presenter can have their own hand held device such as a tablet allowing them to add graphics individually. What’s more, presenters can play and view video and graphics directly on their tablet, no need to look away from the camera to view a monitor.

tOG-Sports Lite Features and Benefits

tOG-Sports lite is what we call a product bundle. It is our 2d product with the following modules added to it. The cost of the bundle is lower than buying all the individual elements. As with all the modules, you can add these to lower levels of the product family to achieve the functionality you need. That said, all these modules are included in the tOG-Sports Lite bundle. It offers all the benefits of the 2d product which are enhanced in the following ways.


On the showreel you will see a wide selection of clips covering most of the graphics possible. The key principle to understand in this version of the product is that as well as the traditional “screenwriter” style of 2d graphics, the graphics can now be applied to the playing surface in the correct perspective. This makes them appear to be “on the pitch” rather than “on the screen”. The limitation is that most of these “on the pitch” graphics can only be used on a freeze frame – the video cannot be playing.



Keyers & Pseudo Camera module

This raises the game with the ability to lay graphics in a correct 3d perspective on the pitch, making it appear as though the graphics are painted on the pitch. This effect is increased by the inclusion of keyers to put to players on top of the graphics. With pseudo cameras these effects are limited to paused video, but adding the “Feature and Line Tracking” module these effects are possible when VT is rolling.


Virtual-StadiumVirtual Stadium module

This allows you to go to a virtual stadium view, opening up possibilities to explain game play using views not captured on the broadcast camera. As standard it includes simple home and away counters, but this can be enhanced significantly with teh “Posed Players” module which brings into play life like 3d player models. The perimeter boarding is easily customised opening up sponsorship opportunities.

tOG-Sports Pro Features and Benefits

tOG-Sports pro is what we call a product bundle. It is our Lite product with the following modules added to it. The cost of the bundle is lower than buying all the individual elements. As with all the modules, you can add these to lower levels of the product family to achieve the functionality you need. That said, all these modules are included in the tOG-Sports Pro bundle. It offers all the benefits of the 2d and Lite products and is enhanced in the following ways.

Feature + Line Tracking module
Video based tracking such as this takes you to the pinnacle of what is possible in analysis graphics. Now the graphics appear to be painted on the pitch even when the video is playing and the camera panning and zooming. This opens up options for more involving graphics such as player trails, dynamic gain lines and sponsors logos on replays. Whilst the Feature tracking is very easy to set up and use, the line tracking rewards the extra time needed to calibrate with the possibility of metrics graphics showing speeds, distances and so on. With this module also requires the Keyers and Pseudo camera option.

Posed Players module
Combined with the Virtual Stadium view, this allows the creation of lifelike 3d reconstructions of game play. This is perfect for showing game play from different points of view, including those not caught on the broadcast cameras. The module includes an editor making it quick and easy to create life like looking players and position them in the correct life like poses.

Additional Options – These are not included in any of the tOG-Sports product bundles

Record to Disk module
Allows graphics to be worked on whilst also live recording up to 4 channels of incoming HD SDI.  This means you can use tOG-Sports in End to End record mode just like a channel of a replay server. Continuously record a live event and use this capability in tOG-Sports to jog back, set an in point and add graphics without interrupting the record. This means you get graphics to air without missing any action and without dedicating channels of a costly replay server to make sure all the action is covered.

Main Concepts Codec module
Provides support for lay off of DVC50/100, AVCi50/100 clips. Please note this is not required for working with other popular broadcast file formats such as .mov.

3d-editortOG-3d Edit
This is our standard 3d editor compatible with all our products.

This can be used with all the Sports products for making deep modifications or indeed creating a whole new style of tOG-Sports graphics tools or even new tools. It can also be used for more demanding graphics not included in the system as standard such as fully customer defined AR graphics or 3d on pitch placement graphics. This can run on the
tOG-Sports system or separate low cost graphics workstation, see the support section of our web site for details on supported hardware. Please note that new graphics or graphics amendments can also be provided by RT Software’s Graphics Services team.




Opta Data module

Comprehensive set of Opta data driven full screen graphics that show the kind of information expected by the modern sports viewer in an engaging and dynamic way. Just a few mouse clicks are needed to create Heat Maps, Touch Maps, Path to Goal, Shots on Goal etc. Perfect for non-rights holders as well as the main broadcasters these can provide powerful insights into the game play. Integration to data sources other than Opta is also possible. NB – Also requires the virtual stadium module.



VR Support module

Allows the use of encoded camera mounts such as Vinten 750i, vr_support
enabling high quality tied to pitch graphics or virtual advertising under in all conditions during the live game. Whilst the vision based camera tracking – included in tOG-Sports Pro or available as a module – often achieves the same result under most conditions, it is not intended for live use. Use
of a VR head means “on pitch graphics” can be 100% guaranteed – often a crucial requirement for activities such as virtual advertising. This also requires our Keyer module, which itself is optimised for use in stadiums, handling changing and difficult lighting conditions with ease.

SDI 4k module

The software is 4k ready and this can be unleashed with this module. Naturally you will need to ensure your hardware is 4k compatible, see the support section of our web site for details on supported hardware.

Sports AR module


This module makes it easy to insert AR graphics into the studio or pitch side. It’s easy because it includes all you need to get started on as it includes a package of AR graphics such as league & fixtures tables, player head to heads, video wall & screen and logos on floor. It is also easy because you do not need any expensive camera tracking technology – even though it appears the camera moves in the showreel. The reality is the studio camera is completely locked off and not moving and the moves are “virtual” camera moves all part of the Sports AR module.   Note that certain colour and styles within the graphics and the camera moves can be quickly and easily customised for user preferences through the web interface.

tOG-Sports WorkflowtOG-Sports - EVS/LinX/Odetics WorkflowtOG-Sports - GV K2 File Based WorkflowtOG-Sports - GV K2 Dyno SDI WorkflowtOG-Sports - Newtek 3Play NDI WorkflowtOG-Sports - SAM LiveTouch SDI Workflow
tOG-Sports Workflow

tOG-Sports – EVS/LinX/Odetics Workflow

tOG-Sports GV K2 File Based Workflow

tOG-Sports GV K2 Dyno SDI Workflow

tOG-Sports Workflow: Newtek 3Play NDI Workflow

tOG-Sports workflow: SAM LiveTouch SDI Workflow


Having selected RT Software to supply your broadcast graphics solutions, on-going help and advice are critical in delivering user satisfaction. This, along with bug fixes and free of charge new releases of the software is included as part of our annual Software Support contract. Click here to download a copy.

Support on our hardware is easy too. We use industry standard, low cost and from reputable manufacturers with worldwide availability and good after sales service. Furthermore, all our products can run on the same platform meaning you can enjoy low cost n+1 redundant hardware strategies.

phoneemail hours
If you need to contact RT Software Support – phone +44 (0)20 7168 8820 or email

  • Software Support. Available through an annual contract for any of the tOG family of broadcast graphics products and solutions. Customers with a valid contract are entitled to reasonable telephone based assistance during UK office hours (UK 09.00 to 17.00) plus new interim releases of the software free of charge. Please note that as standard this does not include any on-site assistance.
  • Out of Hours Support. Customers requiring out of UK office hours support can extend their contracts to include this.
  • Hardware Support. We pass through the manufacturers warranties and can provide telephone assistance during office hours on the products that we qualify or supply. In addition, we may hold these products in stock ready for prompt shipment to you.
  • Additional Support. We appreciate that as a broadcaster you will have times when graphics can be critical. We can tailor a package of additional support to assist as required and this can include being on site with you – wherever that is.
NB You may need additional product modules to achieve the shown functionality

video-play-button-icon  tOG Sports – User Tip Videos
This album is an archive of the video tips and hints we have sent to our tOG-Sports customers, users and freelance operators. The intention is to keep you abreast of new graphics as they become available and to show how an operator can use tOG-Sports to create compelling analysis graphics – often with just a few mouse clicks


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What Our Clients Say”

“Snell and Quantel offer a wide range of broadcast solutions, with the RT Software relationship focussed around embedded graphics for the ICE Channel in a Box product family. The first product iteration was to integrate high quality fully featured 3d graphics into the ICE platform, which proved extremely successful. We also quickly established there was a high demand for the inherent simplicity of 2d graphics and RT delivered a 2d graphics solution for us in a very short time frame. RT Software has become a truly valued partner with an in depth understanding of end to end broadcast solutions and are of course experts in live graphics.”
Karl Mehring, Head of Product Architecture, TV Everywhere - Snell Group
Protea is a long established Grass Valley Reseller in South Africa. We first started working with RT Software through the GV Edition of tOG Sports that works seamlessly with the K2 and Dyno sports video server solution from Grass. But we soon learnt that RTSW has a full range of graphics solutions that we are now establishing an expanding client base for in South Africa. RT has been hands on assisting us with proposals, sales support and having their products and staff on our booth at local shows.”

Shaun Kerr, Divisional Manager-Broadcast and Multimedia - Protea Electronics (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
Trans Gulf Media is an established broadcast solutions provider for the Middle East market. Saudi TV wanted to raise its game for its coverage of the 2014 King Cup football tournament and chose TGM as producers using products and services from RT Software. A production crew with staff from both companies provided innovative hi-tech graphics solutions that included giant touchscreens, an interactive ‘touch table’ and augmented reality graphics on the studio floor. Against a tight schedule stunning results were achieved.

Paul Sinclair, Trans Gulf Media
RT Software’s solution has really improved our content and storytelling and enabled us to deliver new and exclusive information to our viewers. Graphics form a vital part of our coverage, it means we can display clear and comprehensive to the audience, and from a marketing perspective it really strengthens our offering and takes ESPN technology to the next level.
Ricardo Spinelli, Editor – Brazil Journalism SportsCenter - ESPN Brazil
We used tOG-Sports for our coverage of Curling at the Sochi Winter Olympics, curling has specific graphic requirements which have been met by tOG Sports. The product aids the Talents’ commentary, in particular their ability to explain the mechanics of the sport to the viewer
Peter Small, Producer - BBC Sport
Having a system that was quick and easy to rig on race days was critical, we only have a few hours to rig so the fact that the tOG system can be fully operational so swiftly helps take the pressure off.
Duncan Foot, Managing Director - Moov
The virtual graphics we debuted at the Cheltenham Gold Cup was one of a number of new additions to our programming which looks set to deliver the best viewing experience yet for our audience throughout the rest of the season and beyond
Jamie Aitchison, Sports Editor - Channel 4, UK
We really wanted to push the creative boundaries with our UEFA Champions League coverage and the RT Software solution stood out because of the quality of the rendering – essentially what you see on the screen looks fantastic. RT Software has a desire to do graphics better than anyone else and a solid history of innovation around that. They are the perfect match for us, both technically and culturally
Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Officer - BT Sport, UK
Not only were we impressed with the way tOG-VR was able to render such complex and realistic scenes, but also by the support given by RT Software’s creative team in the design and implementation. With the design done at RT Software, all that was required was a two day visit to ERR from one of their team and we were confident enough to go to air the following week
Risto Sirts, Cheif Technical Officer - ERR, Estonia
We are impressed with the speed in which RT Software used our new protocol and the new way of calibrating the lens. It enabled the creative guys to focus all of their energy into creating the effects and not having to worry on locking the graphics to the floor. No one had to mention the tracking which made us very happy. Thumbs up to RT software experts for a quick support of our newest development
Stjepan Cajic, CEO - StypeGrip
When we moved to 3D graphics, we needed a product with good, local support – as well as flexibility and value for money. We chose tOG-3d and it has been in daily use since then. We have done tests using it as a single camera virtual studio solution and were very impressed. In all, it has been a good choice
Tamas Lanyi, Technical Director - HirTV, Hungary
We first started working with RT Software in 2007 when we replaced our virtual graphics systems for the Rugby Super League during the move to HD and have continued our relationship ever since and expanded it to other sports. Their system ticked all the boxes, not only handling the VR side but also incorporating HD video in the virtual Jumbotron graphics
Darren Long, Head of Operations - SkySports, UK
tOG-Sports Pro has improved the service we offer to our licensees’ viewers. The system allows us to utilise the professional knowledge and experience of our studio guests and provide a new and more in depth analysis of the Barclays Premier League
Sam Leadson, Executive Producers of Premier League Productions - IMG
When Setanta sports Ireland decided to implement VR in our studio in Dublin, the decision was an easy one: we could offer all of our programmes their own virtual set instead of building 8 or more hard sets. RTSW were able to deliver on time even under the pressure of our on air dates.
Setanta studios would often have a commercial break between programmes, only allowing a short turn-around time to change sets. This was only possible with RT Software’s tOG-VR software giving us the stability and flexibility we required. Since implementation, we have received continuous support and updates from the Services teams at RT Software.
David Cooper, Head of Studios - Setanta Sports, Ireland
Cellcast required graphics systems that went way beyond traditional CG. To achieve easy and cost effective deployment and management we required a PC based platform that offered as much functionality as possible from a small footprint. tOG-3d was ideal as it handled all of our 3d graphics requirements with ease, but also gave us the ability to play clips both within the scene and as full screen graphics, handled DVE moves and even audio. It gave us a VR capability when needed
Martin Quinlan, Cheif Technical Officer
It’s a great pleasure to be associated with RT’s powerful software. The emergence of virtual broadcasting is beginning to rapidly take centre stage across the world, with many networks now seeking out new ways in which to rapidly deploy not only a superior quality of graphics but a more challenging visualisation of VR/AR. With the combination of RT Software’s capabilities backed up by a wealth of experience and Ncam’s advanced tracking capabilities, boundaries are being pushed to higher levels. This means the delivery of quality graphics in new innovative ways and it’s a pleasure to achieve this with such a key player in the industry as RT Software
Kinglsey Cook, Business Development Executive - Ncam Technologies
AMP VISUAL TV provides services throughout the live production processes with at its disposal one of the largest fleets of OB vans in Europe and use RT Software tOG solutions to insert virtual graphics such as distance markers or sponsor logos right in to the sporting action. We have evaluated alternative solutions, but none have the ease of use and reliability RT Software’s, or the expertise of their creative team. To put it simply, they deliver!
Nordine Sekouri, Technical Manager - AMP Visual, France
“Having worked for many years at the BBC presenting flagship Election and
News programs, I was constantly astounded by the ground breaking and
innovative systems the founders of RTSoftware produced. Whenever a problem
arose which looked insoluble, they solved it, however long it took. I cannot
speak too highly of them. Some of the techniques they developed have gone on
to become industry standards. They enabled the BBC to present complex news
stories in an exciting and accessible way.”
Peter Snow, Presenter- BBC NEWS