RT Software provides comprehensive training in support of all of it’s products. All RT Software’s training courses are built upon training methodologies that utilise SMART objectives to define each training session. RT Software offers training courses to suit all industry and delegate preferences:

  • Online, real-time, instructor-supported mini or booster sessions using screen sharing software
  • Flexible duration, distance-learning, supported by video training media and downloadable resources
  • Instructor-led and classroom-centred at a client’s premises
  • Instructor-led and classroom-centred at our London, UK facility

At RT Software, we believe that training is vital so we strive to deliver the best quality training and are happy to advise or take direction on all aspects of the training landscape. RT Software trains a wide selection of broadcasting, broadcast technology and sports industry personnel. In our experience these people are most often:

  • Graphics operators and designers – for our content editors
  • Gallery and live studio technical operations staff – for our control applications
  • Presenters and producers – for our touchscreen applications
  • Engineers and programmers – for our infrastructural tools
  • Sports team managers – for our tactical sports products
  • Technical sales teams and resellers
  • University students and faculty



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How long is training?

Course duration is dependent on which editor or product is chosen by a client. Our shortest courses are just a half-day. Some courses are 5 days intensive. Most courses are between 1 and 3 days. Our online courses don’t have a fixed duration, delegates can train at their own pace.

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How many people can you train at once?

We have a training facility at our London offices that can cater for 4 people, each with their own editor station to work on. For editor-based training, we prefer to see delegates have a workstation each, rather than share. We recommend teams of 4 people or less, however, we can always make special provision for larger delegations.

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Can you supply hardware for training?

For our on-location training, our instructors arrive equipped with up to 4 laptops, with all accompanying materials and training-aids.

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Do you provide a course syllabus?

RT Software provides a syllabus document for every course it runs that contains all information regarding content, materials and duration, so training and team managers can get a good overview of course structures and select the appropriate delegates and schedule accordingly.

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Do you combine training with implementation?

Some courses have options that extend the course duration to incorporate an implementation phase. In these circumstances, delegates use their new skills to author graphics projects under supervision from an RT instructor. This training phase is called Project Facilitation and is a common aspect in courses between 3 and 5 days.

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Do you provide bespoke training?

RT Software is happy to author bespoke training courses for those types of users who require more specialist knowledge, as well as tailor existing courses toward the differing foci that broadcasters might want.

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When does training normally occur?

Training is normally scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance of its delivery. It normally occurs within the standard working week. When training is combined with a larger deployment, it is normally scheduled in line with testing and project management timelines.

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Can students learn our software?

RT Software provides academic-level licensing that enables faculty and students to acquire our cutting-edge solutions and obtain the very same training that professionals in the industry enjoy.

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Where can I get more information?

Please contact sales@rtsoftware for further information on specific courses, or for existing customers, login to our ftp and access all our training media online whenever you like.