VideoWall.  Powerful multi screen displays.

VideoWall is a cost effective solution for studio video walls with the ability to combine multiple live video inputs, clips and graphics.  Integration with RT Software’s comprehensive Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality solutions enables content to seamlessly transition live from the VideoWall into the studio.

VideoWall provides flexibility for arrays of any shape or configuration – users are not limited to square or rectangular arrays and monitors can be positioned in either landscape or portrait orientation. Design of the entire VideoWall content is easy for any designer using RT Software’s proven Edit-3d application.

Content for the VideoWall is prepared in real-time by RT Software’s powerful 3d-Live renderer.  Control of VideoWall is scalable from a single point of access with Playout, personalised control from multiple points with WebControl or a bespoke 3rd party control application using our remote protocols.

RT Software’s extensive experience of providing real time 3D graphics to some of the worlds best known broadcasters ensures that VideoWall is the most capable and cost effective solution for dynamic multi screen studio displays.

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Key Features and Benefits of VideoWall

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Flexible display shapes and sizes

Large or small, with flexibility on shape and orientation. VideoWall allows many configurations and supports up to 16 distinct 4K HDMI outputs which can be run through splitters and distribution solutions to support hundreds of screens.

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Simple design

The Designer easily sets the canvas size and shape in Edit-3d to fit the monitor array.  The entire design is one graphic, simplifying the design process and visualisation of the result.  

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Smooth Animations

Using Edit-3d, it is easy to setup graphic animations to transition smoothly across the entire array.  Graphic objects can even animate on and off to specific monitors in specific parts of the studio.

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Easy Set Up

No specialist knowledge required to setup and configure the video wall itself.  A setup wizard guides you through every step of the process.

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Virtual Set Support

A seamless integration between VideoWall and RT Software’s Augmented Reality solutions allows elements to transition from the video wall in to elements on the studio floor.

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Bezel Correction

The output can be configure to take in to account monitor bezel size to ensure that content and graphics are seamlessly displayed with no gap.

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Projector Support

Customers are free to use projectors instead of monitors if they require with smooth transitions between projectors ensured by configuration options to correct projector overlap.

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Multiple control options

Scalable control options from single point of access with Playout to customisable interfaces from multiple control points with Web Control, or even bespoke 3rd party control applications.

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Touch Control

Multiple ways of implementing touch control allows for presenter led interaction with any screen or element on the VideoWall.