Altitude Sports Broadcast Media

Our friends at Altitude Sports have been long time partners of RT Software and our sports analysis products. To start the new season off they progressed to Tactic Advanced  and it is now used constantly on air to add extra excitement to the action when covering their range of sports including Basketball, Ice Hockey and Soccer.

The latest generation of Tactic has delivered great enhancements and made it easy for the on screen talent to highlight key moments of the action. Tim De Lay, is Altitude’s Operations Manager, and has seen countless successful broadcasts using RT Software’s products. ‘We recently upgraded our Tactic software and are loving the improvements: the easier interface, more options, and overall better look and functionality.  There is no doubt that this product has improved our broadcasts.”

The flexibility and ease of use of Tactic means the presenters take advantage of any moment that could benefit from being enhanced – which recently even included telestrating over the maintenance team changing the barriers during a break from play!




AltitudeTV COL vs ARI Ice Craw from RT Software on Vimeo.