Channel Branding for Playout Automation

Our Swift Engine delivers superb channel branding and playout graphics. It lets playout automation systems harness the power of our graphics technology and trigger graphics to air for traditional, OTT and FAST broadcast TV channels.

With unlimited layers, a single Swift Engine can put to air your channel logo, lower thirds and full screen menus, plus provide picture in picture DVE squeezes. All layers can then be independently triggered to air according to your playlist.

Any aspect of the graphic can be dynamically populated and updated right up to the moment it goes to air. Updates can come from both the playout automation or the operator, so whatever live events get thrown at you, you can be sure the graphics will still match what’s on air. If your operation runs with limited operator input, you can rely on Swift Services to manage your dynamic data sources and do all the hard work for you automatically.

Reliable, and proven on air with every type of channel from regional affiliates, through to large international brands, and national broadcasters from around the world, including major US networks.

Our graphics engine is available both as a stand alone device where it can be controlled using the playout vendor’s preferred control protocol, or embedded within many of the market leading Integrated Playout solutions via our OEM offering.

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Scaling the Renderers

Our modular approach to graphics systems can scale to any size of system, take a look at our Swift Engine page to find out more.

Supported Video Formats

Everything from SD, HD to UHD HDR and from SDI, NDI to ST2110 uncompressed IP.

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Supported File Formats

Supported picture, video and audio file formats.

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