Browser Control Interface

Swift Live is our web interface for controlling broadcast graphics. The intuitive interface makes life simple for graphics operators. It only displays the controls necessary for the current graphic templates, reducing risk of on air mistakes.

A range of screen templates allows the system to match your preferred way of working, and screens can be further tailored to optimise them for your particular business needs.


Previewing is made easy by displaying the graphic as a proxy within the user interface, keeping video infrastructure costs low. Alternatively, connect to a video renderer and preview and then playout the graphic in full broadcast quality.

Swift Live can be used for controlling all types of graphics where live interaction is required. Everything from introducing virtual player characters within a studio, to running football scores during the big match, or triggering news graphics from a rundown list.

Swift Live can be paired with any of our systems. For example, its the perfect partner for a Swift CG designer or a Swift News gallery operator. Anyone who needs to preview or trigger graphics to air will love using this operator focused interface.


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