Virtual Studio and Augmented Reality Graphics

Swift Studio lets you wrap new virtual studio and augmented reality graphics around your presenters. Immerse them in complete 3D environments or drop in augmented reality objects during live sports or news commentary.


Our creative tools give your designers the freedom to create 3D worlds to engage with your audience. Presenters can freely move around virtual objects such as sports players or scoreboards, or through complete virtual sets, for example in election news shows, ensuring the viewers stay absorbed with events as they unfold.

On air, the director can continue to work with multiple cameras, all synchronised with views of the same virtual set. Performance is guaranteed with our powerful Swift Engine realtime renderers, whether you need HD, UHD or HDR.

Speak to us to share your vision and challenges and we’ll be happy to share our experiences including recent projects with Wimbledon tennis, BT Sports, SailGP and Sky Sports.

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Scaling the Renderers

Our modular approach to graphics systems can scale to any size of system, take a look at our Swift Engine page to find out more.

Camera Tracking Specifications

Supported camera tracking systems and operational modes for virtual studio or augmented reality productions.

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