Graphic Insertions and Virtual Advertising

Tactic Live takes our expertise in virtual studios and applies it to the field of play for live virtual graphics and sponsorship. You are now able to easily add text, images or 3D graphics to any type of game playing surface, from football fields to horse racing tracks. The effect is so realistic you wont be able to tell that it is not right there on the pitch.

Highlight the Action

Enhance your story telling by adding in-game markers and explainer graphics to live in game action. Every competition has moments of nail biting close calls, and now you can show that detail to your audiences by adding live Offside Lines, First and Ten Lines, Batter’s Box or any other kind of on screen lines, guides and pointers. Enhance the fans viewing experience and increase the drama by showing just how close the results are.

Virtual Advertising: Increase Revenues

Fields used by live sport are some of the highest value real estate around. But while it is not always practical to advertise directly on the ground, by using a virtual overlay it is easy to add any type of sponsorship or advertising.

Address Every Market – Simultaneously

In an international sports production our Swift Live control interface and Swift Engine rendering systems even allow you to simultaneously carry different advertising to different audiences around the world. With traditional commercial revenues are being squeezed, this remains a lucrative option for adding tailored sponsored overlays within the heat of the action, and with no risk of distractions to the players on the pitch.


RT Software also has extensive experience with multi-camera, virtual studios.

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File Format Support

File formats and other major features.

Scaling the Renderers

To understand how RT Software’s modular approach can scale to any size of system, take a look at our Swift Engine page. You’ll also find the list of supported formats and resolutions, everything from SD through HD SDI, UHD HDR and ST2110 uncompressed IP.

Supported Video Formats

SDI, Uncompressed IP, proxy streaming, resolutions from SD up to UHD, and HDR colour space. See the full list of supported video formats.

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