Recommended Hardware

RT Software has many years of experience building and testing PC hardware intended for broadcast use. The grids below allow you to select the most cost effective but reliable PC build to satisfy your graphics requirements.

In many cases customers will provide the hardware themselves as this is usually the cheaper route, but it must meet or exceed the specifications listed here. Alternatively, for peace of mind, we can provide HP PCs to you.

Please refer to the notes to ensure you are selecting the most suitable system. If in any doubt please contact us and we can help.

How to use this page.

1. Start by deciding if you are using HD or UHD resolutions. UHD will add additional cost, especially for the GPU and Video cards.

2. Find the product you will be using. RT Software’s Swift range is modular so in many of our products (for example Swift News, Swift Studio) the core components will use 1 or more Swift Engine renderers. If you are unsure which products your project will be using please talk to us.

3. Use the grid to find the numbers of outputs, previews and inputs you expect to use. Refer to the PC Build column, this will tell you which version of our evaluated PC systems you should be purchasing. To review the complete PC Specification, scroll down to the PC Builds tab at the bottom.

4. You will need to add a suitable NVidia GPU card to the PC build as shown in the grid. If more than 1 GPU is listed, the choice will be determined by the complexity of the graphics. Please contact us if you are unsure what to choose.

5. You will need to add a suitable video card – either AJA for SDI, or NVIDIA/Mellanox for ST2110*. If more than 1 AJA is shown, this is down to the quantity of I/Os available. In some cases you may be able to combine cards to reach the number of I/Os required, subject to the number of PCIe slots (and PCIe lanes) available.

Laptops – Please refer to the Laptop tab at the bottom.

* Please note that the NVIDIA/Mellanox ST2110 cards require forced-cooling and we only recommend their use in a server-class chassis. Both the HP ZCentral 4R Rack and the Dell 7920R have been validated – please contact your RT sales representative for build details.

PC Specifications for HD Resolutions

Swift CG / CG+

  • HD Graphics Editors

Swift Engine

  • HD Renderers
ReferenceRender Instance - Video outRender Instance - Preview outVideo inPC BuildGPUVideo I/O
H1100Z2-Build AP2200Kona 1
H2110Z2-Build ARTX 4000Kona 1
H3101Z2-Build AP2200Kona 1
H4111Z2 - Build ARTX 4000Kona 1
H5102Z4 P2200Kona 4 or Corvid 44
H6112Z4RTX 4000Kona 4 or Corvid 44
H7200Z8-Build A RTX 4000Kona 4 or Corvid 44
H8212Z8-Build A RTX 4000Kona 4 or Corvid 44
H9220 Z8-Build BRTX 4000 / RTX 5000Kona 4 or Corvid 44
H10202Z8-Build A RTX 4000Kona 4 or Corvid 44
H11222Z8-Build B RTX 4000 / RTX 5000Kona 4 or Corvid 44
H12204Z8-Build A RTX 4000Corvid 88
H13214 Z8-Build A RTX 4000Corvid 88
H14224Z8-Build BRTX 4000 / RTX 5000Corvid 88
PC Specifications for HD Resolutions


  • HD Sports Telestration

Tactic Draw

  • HD General Telestrator

Tactic Live

  • HD live sports AR graphics
ReferenceRender Instance - Video outRender Instance - Preview outVideo inPC BuildGPUVideo I/O
H15100Z2-Build BP2200Kona 1
H16101Z2-Build BP2200Kona 1
H17102Z4P2200 Corvid 44 or Kona 4
H18101Z2-Build BP2200Kona 1
PC Specifications for UHD Resolutions

Swift CG / CG+

  • UHD Graphics Editors

Swift Engine

  • UHD Renderers
ReferenceRender Instance - Video outRender Instance - Preview outVideo inPC BuildGPUVideo I/O
U1100Z4RTX 4000* / 5000 / 6000Corvid 44
U2110Z8 Build C RTX 5000 / 6000Corvid 44
U3101Z8-Build CRTX 4000* / 5000 / 6000Corvid 88
U4111Z8-Build C RTX 5000 / 6000Corvid 88
U5102Z8-Build C RTX 5000 / 6000Corvid 88
U6112Z8-Build C RTX 5000 / 6000Corvid 88
U7200Z8-Build C RTX 5000 / 6000Corvid 88
U8212Not available
U9220Not available
U20202Not available

*Offline CG Editor only. In order to keep costs low we have provided a range of card options in the GPU column. Please refer to the comments in the GPU section below for further guidance.


Additional Notes for Graphics PCs/Servers

  • Where a single video o/p is shown it can be exchanged for a Fill and Key at no processing cost – but the video card must be checked to see if it can provide the additional output.
  • Where two o/ps are shown it can be exchanged for Fill and Key at no processing cost and will not affect the suggested I/O video card.
  • Where two or more live inputs are listed, these are assumed to be split equally across the Render Instances. Contact RTSW if a different arrangement is required.
  • Limitations on Render Instances are due to Windows OS bottlenecks. RT Software can provide a higher density than 2 instances on a single machine using virtualisation. Please contact us for more information.
  • Where Unreal Engine is being used, additional processing means that the PC build must be Z8-B in all cases.
  • Where Swift Screens is being deployed, each grid of 4 screens requires an additional GPU card.
  • The Reference column above is only there to provide an easy way to refer to specific builds if you need to speak to us.
PC Specifications for Management Servers
Management Applications

Swift Services – Data Server

Swift Services – Media Watcher

Swift Services – Repository

CPU2 core or higher, running at 3GHz or higher.
Disk512 GB or higher
RAM8GB or higher

These management applications will not require the same level of resources as graphics rendering machines. Typical specs as below could support all 3 applications on the same hardware simultaneously. For larger workloads, long term storage of assets might require a larger 1TB disk.

The exception is where a system design includes Data Server providing graphics rendered streams to Swift Live. We will advise on a project by project basis on the specs required for this.