Tactic – Telestrator

Premier sports analysis telestrator for broadcasters.

  • Advanced AI features to accelerate your sequences
  • Fine tune with timeline advanced editing
  • Add graphics that track and move with the video

This is the most feature rich version of Tactic, that allows you to deliver Next Gen Analysis and stand out from your peers.


From £11,000/per year

  • Add graphics to video freeze frames
  • Includes Virtual Stadium
  • Includes League Packages

The same core features as Pro, with some limitations. Has the same quality keying and is a superb way to start.


From £4,995/per year

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Next Gen Analysis™ – Super Fast Telestration

Speed is essential for sports broadcasters, so in Tactic Pro we give you Next Gen Analysis™. 

Traditional telestrators take too long to produce great sequences, so when time is tight the results can be overly simplistic graphics that add little value.

We have harnessed the power of AI to fix this for you.

  • automatic player detection
  • automatic pitch calibration
  • more to come, watch this space!

The result is incredible looking graphics, which can be turned around very quickly.

Read more about Next Gen Analysis

Support for Replay Servers and Tactic’s Internal Record to Disk Option

Tactic is flexible as well as fast.  It can work on live, near to live or archive material. Once created, sequences can be played out live, laid off back to local or remote storage for use later, or presenters can go to air live via their tablet or large touchscreen monitor.

Tactic can integrate with all the major broadcast replay servers. But if you don’t want to tie up your expensive server ports, no problem! Use Tactic to record your live camera feeds, using its internal storage to record, pause, rewind and simultaneously add your graphics. Then play your sequence out to air, save for future use and jump back to the live feed.

Tactic will work with any local or network files you have access to, so its perfect for magazine style shows where you need to work with content managed by your asset management system.

Learn more in the Workflow Diagram section below. You can also learn all all about the specific hardware requirements on our Recommended Hardware page.


Free Trials

Why not download and try Tactic for free?

Fully featured, but time limited. We want you to see for yourself how much easier your presentations could be if you switched to Tactic.

Check out the Comparison section below to understand which version will suit you.


Once you have decided to purchase, we also support very simple licence transfers. There is no need to speak to us, you can easily move the licence between machines yourself. This allows different operators to make use of Tactic to make the cost of ownership even lower.

User Tip Videos

Everyone has free access to our User Tip videos so you can get the most from Tactic. If there’s a video you’d like to see created to help you with a problem, let us know!

We also offer more structured video training or on site classroom training to quickly get you up to expert level.



If you are a Sports Professional and need Tactic for team analysis, training or coaching, we have a team dedicated to you.



File Format Support

File formats and other major features.

Supported Video Formats

Everything from SD to HD and from SDI, NDI to ST2110 uncompressed IP.

League Packages

Allowing users instant access to player names, logos and preset colours for each team in a league.

NVIDIA Solution Showcase

NVIDIA describes how RT Software uses AI to enhance the product for our users.