Tactic – Telestrator

Tactic is the premier sports analysis telestrator software from RT Software.

We include a complete set of tools to cover all types of sport, so you will quickly be delivering superb, broadcast quality telestration graphics and increasing your audience’s engagement with the action.

There are no complex menu structures, just straight forward controls that can be customised to make your particular way of working even faster.


See Tactic in Action

Watch the Showreel to see the stunning graphics in use. Want to know more? Switch over to the Spotlight video to learn how you can deploy Tactic for your sports broadcasts.

Super Fast Telestration

Speed is essential for sports broadcasters, so our Tactic telestrator can automate many of the functions that other systems expect you to set up manually. Once installed, you’ll be delivering amazing sports analysis graphics in minutes and be ready to meet the demanding deadlines of sports broadcasting.
Once you are finished, play out live, lay back to disk for later on, or let presenters take control live in the studio via their tablet or large touchscreen monitor.

Latest Features

We are constantly adding new features to make Tactic the best analysis system on the market.

Here’s just a few of the latest additions…

  • Machine Learning Assisted Keyframing – makes your analysis even quicker and easier.
  • Virtual camera morph – create fly-bys that glide smoothly between different camera angles.
  • Tablet Control – let your on screen presenters take live control.
  • League Packages – we supply team colours, player names and logos so you can focus on analysis of the action.

Broadcast Replay Servers and Generic Disk Storage

Tactic works with all the major broadcast replay servers. Work with the clips directly on the servers to create your Tactic story, and play live, or lay back to the replay server or Tactic’s local disk. If required, the finished assets can be distributed using our Services tools.

Tactic also works with any local or network files you have access to, you don’t have to be connected to broadcast replay servers. This ensures Tactic can integrate with systems managed by asset management systems.

Learn more in the System Diagram section below.

Cost Effective. Feature Rich

We’ve made a version of Tactic available to everyone, no matter what your budget is.

Tactic Lite is a fantastic way to start. You can produce great results at an amazing price. But we are sure that once you’ve used it you’ll be keen to upgrade to the power features available in Tactic Advanced or Tactic Pro. With Pro, the most feature packed version, the price remains incredibly competitive but we have added game changing capabilities such as automated player tracking to further accelerate your operations.

Free Trials

Why not download full working trials of Tactic for free? To help make the right decision, you’ll find more feature information in the Comparison table below.

Once you are up and running, we support very simple licence transfers. There is no need to speak to us, you can easily move the licence between machines yourself. Allowing different operators to make use of Tactic this way can make the cost of ownership even lower.


Simple to Learn. Easy to Use

Everyone has free access to our online video training. We provide great online training with a huge range of User Tips and video Tutorials to quickly get you up to expert level.

Its simple to get started, just register on our Training page, then watch and learn!



If you are a Sports Professional and need Tactic for team analysis, training or coaching, we have a team dedicated to you.



File Format Support

File formats and other major features.

Supported Video Formats

SDI, Uncompressed IP, proxy streaming, resolutions from SD up to UHD, and HDR colour space. See the full list of supported video formats.

League Packages

Allowing users instant access to player names, logos and preset colours for each team in a league.