Embeddable OEM graphics library

At the heart of all our broadcast graphics products is our powerful render engine. It is feature rich, delivering high quality graphics – yet is highly efficient software with minimal impact on system resources. This makes it perfect for embedding in third party applications.

We work with some of the biggest names in broadcast. Not only is the technology robust and hugely capable, but we always develop a strong working relationship based on mutual trust.

The rich video handling capabilities of the engine, combined with live graphics capabilities means that RT Software’s engine is perfect for channel playout. This approach has been adopted by leading industry playout vendors such as Grass Valley, Pebble Beach, and Digital Broadcast Inc, and we are now responsible for the on air graphics of hundreds of channels around the world. These are often tier 1 channels with significant commercial revenues where reliability is essential.

Other examples of embedded engine applications include presentation switchers and live replay servers. It has also been for huge sports venue screens and video walls. With such a diverse range of use cases we would welcome discussions about any new opportunities you may have.

Flexible Options

The engine itself is available to you as a dynamic linked library (dll) for Windows applications. When you choose to work with RT Software’s engine, you will be working with the same library that is used across all our Swift graphics products, so you benefit from our core ongoing support and maintenance.

We offer two options. Our 3D version has an increased cost.

  • Our 2D rendering library. Compatible with templates created in Swift CG.
  • Our 3D rendering library. Compatible with templates created in Swift CG+.

We include a comprehensive C++ / C# API.

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