Training Overview

RT Software provides comprehensive training in support of all of its products, including online, live-remote, or on-site. All RT Software’s training courses are built upon SMART training methodologies. To see further information, enrol on or purchase a course, please visit the Training Courses page.


About Online Courses

RT Software’s Training Portal is the online access point for all remote training activities. All online courses are based on specific training objectives, determined by syllabus and supported by in-depth video tutorials, downloadable support materials and demonstration projects. Based on a Learning Management System framework, delegates enrol, create a user profile and login to undertake courses.

Free courses
Tips and Tricks, Introductory Sessions and Overviews are available for both existing users and new users that want to explore new features and find the “how-to” they need.

Paid courses
These highly-structured courses include course progression, feedback and certification. Swift and Edit-3d courses contain up to 30 video tutorials and are designed to deliver end-to-end training.

Deep-Dive courses
All the sessions available in Deep-Dive courses are aimed at experienced power-users, current subscribers or those who have completed other courses.



About VM Remote Workshops

RT Software also provides live, online training workshops. These instructor-led workshops are shaped around a 3 hour delivery format.

Virtual Machines
Delegates are allocated fully-specified VMs (virtual machines) and can connect from home or the office using RT Software supplied Teamviewer login details. No need for dongles, software licensing or certified hardware.

Remote Conferencing
Delegates use standard virtual connectivity software – such as zoom – to view the instructor’s screen and use the audio and recording features while they work on the VMs over Teamviewer.


About Onsite Courses

RT Software can provide instructor-led, classroom-centred training for all courses. We recommend teams of 4 people or less. Provision is made for larger delegations.

At RT Software’s London, UK facility
Our fully-equipped training facility at our London offices can cater for 4 people, each with their own editor workstation, internet access and a Covid-safe working environment. Facilities include our virtual studio demonstration studio.

At your premises
For our on-location training, our instructors arrive at your premises equipped with up to 4 laptops, including all materials and training-aids for editor courses.



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