Connect your graphics to dynamic real world data

Tell MediaWatcher where the source of your data is and which graphics it needs to populate.

Let it run without intervention, continually checking for new files and downloads. See your data accurately processed and seamlessly transferred to its designated destination. With MediaWatcher, your real-world data and assets are easily turned into slick on air graphics.


Graphics can be data-heavy. Whether it is elections, news or sports, data is what makes many graphics come alive. Our graphics are smart by default and can snapshot data on the fly but MediaWatcher will handle constant streams, do the heavy lifting and ensure availability.

Complex data is only a few clicks away

The video example shows just how quick and easy MediaWatcher makes it to link graphic content to live data, in this case, a web site for ticker content. From within the editor a template is created with a ticker data input set as a MediaWatcher data location. The URL of the data source is loaded and MediaWatcher monitors the web site and ingests text when available. The datalink is dynamic, so as changes occur in the source, the data in the graphic is updated live when on air.

It can be tailored to specific tasks with the ability to add scripts to aid workflows and automation. MediaWatcher is not limited to handling data. It also assists media collection, redirection and even format conversions with the included FFMEG encoder. It can automate the ingest of assets used in graphics and ensure they are compatible.

MediaWatcher can be supplied on an individual or site licence basis plus be virtualised and used on or off premises as needed.

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