Super Sized Multi Screen Displays

Swift Screens is a cost effective solution for a scalable video wall. It includes the ability to combine multiple live video inputs, clips and graphics. Integration with Swift Studio enables content to seamlessly transition between live virtual studios and a video background.

Swift Screens provides flexibility for arrays of any shape or configuration – users are not limited to square or rectangular arrays and monitors can be positioned in either landscape or portrait orientation. Design of the video content is easy for any designer using our well proven Swift CG+ application.

Content for the Swift Screens is delivered in real-time by our powerful Swift Engine renderers. Control of Swift Screens is via our flexible Swift Live web interface which allows control from any location. Alternatively we support bespoke 3rd party control applications built using our API.

Swift Live

API Control

RT Software’s extensive experience of providing real time 3D graphics to some of the worlds best known broadcasters ensures that Swift Screens is the most capable and cost effective solution for dynamic multi screen studio displays.

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Scaling the Renderers

Our modular approach to graphics systems can scale to any size of system, take a look at our Swift Engine page to find out more.