Touchscreen Telestration

Tactic Draw is our easy to use touchscreen telestrator designed for live interactive presentations and telestration for news.

Operators can quickly build stories from video clips, web pages and documents. Then take control and present live using a tablet to control the output for broadcast, onto large screens or video walls.

Prices start at £3,995 / year for Tactic Pro (NDI) DISCOVER MORE

Presenters require no specialised training, allowing them to concentrate on presenting a story while using customised tools to engage with the audience.

Here at RT Software we are experts in video, so we support all formats and frame rates from NDI to SDI and ST2110, with HD and UHD resolutions.

Superb Story Telling

Many telestrators are aimed squarely at the broadcast sports market. With Tactic Draw we want to bring the power of enhanced story telling and analysis to broadcasters and presenters of all genres. Tactic Draw is a powerful tool to aid in the telling of news, current affairs, or general entertainment shows. Now, instead of a football pitch, you can work with maps, documents and even take a journey along a street with Google Streetview!

Tactic Draw is part of the Tactic family of Telestrators, so has a solid foundation with its sister products in use every day around the world. RT Software has many years of experience providing world class graphics products to leading sports organisations and broadcasters.

Want to see how Tactic Draw can help you? Watch our demo video above or download the software for a free trial.

Broadcast Servers or Generic File Storage

Tactic Draw is flexible when it comes to content. It works with clips on all major broadcast replay servers, but will work just as well with content stored locally on the PC or across a suitable network. Plus it goes beyond standard video files and lets you use still images, PDFs and even live web pages.

To see the full range of broadcast server integrations take a look at our diagrams on the Tactic page here. Or scroll down to the System Diagram below.

Free Trials

Why not download full working trials of Tactic for free? To help make the right decision, you’ll find more feature information in the Comparison table below.

Once you are up and running, we support very simple licence transfers. There is no need to speak to us, you can easily move the licence between machines yourself. Allowing different operators to make use of Tactic this way can make the cost of ownership even lower.


Simple to Learn. Easy to use

Everyone has free access to our online video training. Once you’ve downloaded the product, take advantage of all the free online training with a huge range of User Tips and video Tutorials and you’ll be delivering interactive presentation and telestration in no time.

Its simple to get started, just register on our Training page, then watch and learn!


File Format Support

File formats and other major features.

Supported Video Formats

Everything from SD to HD and from SDI, NDI to ST2110 uncompressed IP.


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