Modular Approach to Graphics Infrastructure

Swift’s elegant modular approach means systems of any size can be built – starting with single self contained servers, up to larger scale installations comprised of many editors and renderers.

No matter which part of the Swift family you are using, you will always have Swift Engine at the heart, providing a consistent rendering capability.


Swift Engine – Range of Video Formats
Swift Engine includes NDI as standard, or you can add other output modules depending on your requirements. You only pay for what you need, and upgrading at a later date is not a problem, just talk to us so we can check if your hardware is suitable.

Swift Engine – inside Swift CG
Swift Engine is the core render engine that is at the heart of our Swift CG and Swift CG+ graphic editors. This means any Swift CG can run independently, which can be an advantage in OB trucks for example. Or for larger systems you can run a design team on their Swift CG editors and have projects automatically distributed to multiple render machines elsewhere in your facility.



Design a system around Swift and you can be confident your next project will be a success, even if you cannot predict which format you will need in the future. Swift Engine is used in Swift News, Swift Studio, Swift Screens and our Channel Branding and OEM solutions. The same technology is also used within our Tactic range.

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Supported Video Formats

Everything from SD, HD to UHD HDR and from SDI, NDI to ST2110 uncompressed IP.

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Supported File Formats

Supported picture, video and audio file formats.

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