Cost effective virtual studios and augmented reality

Swift Studio Lite takes the fully featured offering from Swift Studio and offers the same core technology at an amazingly competitive price.

You’ll use the same design tool, Swift CG+, and the same Swift Engine renderer with no restrictions. But we’ve limited the solution to a single camera input, and to keep the level of dynamism you’d expect in a virtual solution, we have created an ingenious virtual camera that exists only in software.

The sense of depth and movement is retained because our solution moves the presenter and virtual elements relative to each other as the software camera moves around.

Augmented reality objects such as sports players stats, scoreboards, or election results, can be designed and displayed around the presenters to provide a highly engaging experience for viewers.

This condensed approach for virtual graphics reduces setup time and studio complexity compared to the full solution. In turn this allows us to deliver an equivalent cost reduction to you. If at a later date you decide to upgrade to the full version of Swift Studio, the upgrade path is easy, and there is no need to retrain of designers or operators. Swift Studio Lite is a great way to start out in virtual studio production.


You may also be interested in our Tactic Live product that delivers virtual graphics for live sports fields and tracks.


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Scalable Swift Engine Renderer

Our modular approach to graphics systems can scale to any size of system. Take a look at our Swift Engine to find out more about our comprehensive format support.

Camera Tracking Specifications

Supported camera tracking systems and operational modes for virtual studio or augmented reality productions.