Broadcast Graphics Editor and CG

Swift CG is our easy to use broadcast graphics editor and CG that produces superb on air branding. It allows designers to take their creative ideas and deliver them as graphic templates for all types of real time video productions. Swift CG is built to deliver results quickly and ensure your teams meet their tight broadcast deadlines for on air graphics and channel branding.


Use Swift CG from the Swift graphics family to deliver stunning graphics for programs and live events to wow your audience.

Take those graphics templates and deploy them across your news, sports and channel branding environments where our Swift Engine renders in real time. Those sophisticated real time graphics are simultaneously populated with data sources whilst still allowing live operators to interact with the graphics so you can deliver engaging content to your viewers.

Swift CG’s comprehensive feature set and ability to scale to any size of operation means it is used every day by tier 1 broadcasters around the world, yet we remain one of the most competitively priced solutions on the market.


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File Format Support

File formats and other major features.

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Scaling the Renderers

To understand how RT Software’s modular approach can scale to any size of system, take a look at our Swift Engine page. You’ll also find the list of supported formats and resolutions, everything from SD through HD SDI, UHD HDR and ST2110 uncompressed IP.

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Supported Video Formats

SDI, Uncompressed IP, proxy streaming, resolutions from SD up to UHD, and HDR colour space. See the full list of supported video formats

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