Press Release – TVTEL choses RT Software’s AI assisted Tactic Pro Sports Analysis solution for Remote Production

London UK, July 2021 -Leading Latin America broadcast services provider TVTEL S.A has chosen Tactic Pro from RT Software to provide its analysis graphics solution as part of the expansion of its graphics offerings.

After being founded in 2018, TVTEL S.A has quickly established itself as a leader in broadcast services across Latin America, utilizing the latest in transmission and satellite technologies for global events, including the 2018 FIFA World Cup. With its recent purchase of RT Software’s Tactic Pro sports analysis solution, TVTEL S.A can now offer its clients the ability to add analysis graphics to clips from sporting events wherever they may be taking place across the globe.

This service has already been taken up by various clients, including Latina TV for the recent Peru vs Colombia World Cup qualifier in Lima, Peru. A live transmission of the match was sent from the stadium via 5G to the TVTEL S.A base in Santiago, Chile. There, TVTEL S.A used Tactic Pro to add analysis graphics and then sent the finished clips back to the customer in Peru for them to TX, all whilst the game was taking place.

In such a time-critical situation of live sports, speed of operation and ability to turn around a graphic sequence whilst the game is still going are crucial. Powered by AI, Tactic Pro’s player detection tool achieves this by significantly reducing an operator’s workload in time-critical situations, including half-time and full-time analysis shows. With just one mouse click, Tactic Pro’s machine learning module highlights and displays a path for all players and their movement throughout a sequence, giving the operator more time for analysis and storytelling.

Nerio Aquirre, the Art & Graphics Director of TVTEL S.A, explained: “The AI ability of Tactic Pro brings precision and reliability, a key aspect during live events. All these features combined with its machine learning player detection tool and a solid tracking system reduce the time we need to create analysis clips.”

Nerio also believes that the ease with which TVTEL S.A operators were able to get to grips with Tactic Pro and its versatility were key reasons for choosing Tactic Pro: “This is a powerful tool to include in our graphics solution portfolio. It works with a wide range of sports. It is completely customizable and easy to use; after a couple of hours, our graphics team operators were ready to go.”

From the commercial side, Rodrigo Peralta, the Commercial Director of TVTEL S.A, feels that Tactic Pro is a perfect fit with the company’s philosophy: “Offering High-end tech solutions is one of our priorities. That is why we are pleased to partner with RT Software.”

He also sees the ability to offer end analysis graphics from Tactic Pro to TVTEL S.A clients as a game changer: “Thanks to this partnership, we included Tactic Pro as part of our graphics systems, expanding our commercial offer. Tactic Pro is an upscale graphic solution whose introduction into the Latin American market will change the way we watch and analyse live sports.” 

Trail versions of the software are freely available from the RT Software website

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About RT Software:RT Software is a leading worldwide provider of real-time graphics solutions. Its product set spans CG, template-driven graphic overlays, election and newsroom graphics, specialist sports graphics and virtual studios. From its beginnings as an offshoot of the BBC 3D Graphics Department in 2004, the company now has installations from Iceland to New Zealand, and its growing customer base includes the BBC, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, BT Sport and many other Tier 1 broadcasters.

About TVTEL:

Founded in 2018 and based in Chile, TVTEL S.A, part of Grupo Marcatel, is a company leader in the broadcast and media market in Latin America.

Partnering with clients like Latina, Warner Media, TVN, Torneos, Chilevisión, Teletón, CDO,TNT Sports, Caracol Televisión, Megavisión, Movistar Deportes, and more, TVTEL S.A produces and provides high-end technological solutions for live events and shows such as the Confederations Cup Russia 2018, Formula-E, the FIFA World Cup, Copa America, Tokyo 2020, and many others.

TVTEL S.A has a wide range of services that bring together television and telecommunications, such as production, rental, TV mobile units, DSNG, and IP mobile units for streaming. Moreover, it has recently started to expand its graphics area from live graphics to Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, and complete production of virtual sets.

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