RT Software unveils workflow acceleration in Tactic 6.1 release

London, UK. December 2022.

RT Software has added new features to further accelerate operational efficiencies in their leading Tactic sports telestrator. The latest Tactic 6.1 release now includes additional AI powered automatic pitch calibrations and improved turnaround speed for operators working to tight broadcast deadlines.

Automatic Pitch Calibration

Tactic took a significant leap forward in the previous version by offering automatic pitch calibration for football (soccer). Requiring only a single click, operators benefited from huge time savings and better accuracy when building analysis sequences. Tactic 6.1 builds on this incredible feature by now offering the same workflow acceleration for NFL (American National Football League) and AFL (Australian Football League) pitches. 

Luke Harrison, Product Manager says, “Thanks to automatic pitch calibration, metric graphics such as offside lines or distance markers can now be perfectly aligned, and achieved in a significantly reduced time. This is part of our ongoing commitment to accelerate our customer’s productivity by focussing on the critically time sensitive parts of their operations. 

Luke continues, “Its great to be able to now add US and Australian pitches to Tactic’s AI. But this is just the start, and as we release future versions of Tactic, we will train the AI to recognise more types of sports pitches. Tactic already works across all sports at no extra cost, so we look forward to being able to add this extra value to all our sport broadcast customers.”

EVS Replay Server Improved Workflow

Tactic 6.1 builds on the existing EVS integration and now allows the Tactic operator to pull EVS clips into Tactic, without tying up any of the EVS ports. The transfer into Tactic is fast, and allows the Tactic operator to work in parallel to the EVS operator. Once the graphics have been added and the sequence completed, it can be transferred back to the EVS for the EVS operator to play out. This allows the Tactic operator to be preparing the next sequence, and so on.

Luke Harrison explains, “This can be a significant cost saving to our customers who may otherwise have had to allocate an expensive EVS port to allow clip transfers. Plus, having the Tactic and EVS operators work in tandem offers even greater time and cost savings.”

Record to Disk – Tactic Internal Storage

Although many Tactic customers may want to use their EVS replay server, for others there can be a cost barrier, and Tactic now offers similar functionality using its own internal disk. The live feed can be viewed directly within Tactic’s user interface, and when there is a significant moment in the match, the operator can pause the live feed, rewind and create their new analysis sequence. Once completed, it can be played live to air, or saved for future playout. Importantly, no part of the match has been lost during the creation of the sequence. The operator can jump back to the live feed, and still rewind to any part of the match and repeat this process.

Luke Harrison, said, “This is another example of how we listen to our customers and focus our development on features that lower their costs. With Record to Disk, Tactic avoids our customers needing to invest in an expensive repay server and so achieve more with less.”

RT Software say they have included a range of additional features which existing customers may want to review and this can be done by selecting Release Notes in their Document Library here… https://rtsw.co.uk/document-library/

Any customers wishing to try Tactic for free can go to the Free Trials page of the website… https://rtsw.co.uk/software-downloads/

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RT Software is a leading worldwide provider of real-time graphics solutions. Its product set spans CG, template-driven graphic overlays, election and newsroom graphics, specialist sports graphics and virtual studios. From its beginnings as an off-shoot of the BBC 3D Graphics Department in 2004, it now has installations from Iceland to New Zealand, and its growing customer base includes the BBC, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, BT Sport and many other Tier 1 broadcasters.

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