RT Software expands Swift CG UHD system for Sports Broadcaster in Mexico

London, UK

March 2023

RT Software recently expanded the graphics capabilities of a leading sports channel in Mexico with extra Swift CG systems. The existing seven Swift CGs already used for sports graphics were joined by an addtional two UHD systems. Viewers can now enjoy football matches in 4K with graphics to match.

The new system was made even more intuitive to operate by the inclusion of Swift Live, a configurable web-based touchscreen control system. Its flexibility allows for different screens to be configured for different uses. Different layouts can be quickly recalled for based on the needs of individual shows.

RT Software’s local partner for the project was Promexar and they were heavily involved in liaising with the end user. Christian Fragoso, Promexar’s CEO said, “Swift Live was a great addition to the system. One of the key elements that made the RT solution stand out from the other solutions was the ability to generate templates and actions for the operator with ease. This meant they could be ready for a match in seconds without having to re-arrange or pre-load complex templates. Another key point was the perfect administration of the 1+1 system redundancy that the user required.”

RT Software and Promexar worked together on system benchmarking, including the UHD servers, GPU cards and connectivity.

Christian adds, “When it comes to the World Cup, there can be no performance or reliability issues. Thanks to the testing and approval process everything worked perfectly.”

The new project also included graphics services work from the creative team at RT Software. This allowed the customer’s team to focus on day-to-day operations while RT Software developed the new graphic templates in time for the customer’s deadlines.

Mike Fredriksen, Commercial Director, said, “It was a great privilege to be able to provide UHD graphics systems to one of the leading sports broadcasters in Mexico. It’s a great example of how our Swift system can support any format or resolution.”

About RT Software:

RT Software is a leading worldwide provider of real-time graphics solutions. Its product set spans CG, template-driven graphic overlays, election and newsroom graphics, specialist sports graphics and virtual studios. From its beginnings as an off-shoot of the BBC 3D Graphics Department in 2004, it now has installations from Iceland to New Zealand, and its growing customer base includes the BBC, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, BT Sport and many other Tier 1 broadcasters.

About Promexar:

Promexar’s mission is to bring world-leading brands and the best integration and installation processes to the Mexican telecommunications market in accordance with the best practices established by manufacturers. Promexar aims to be the leader in virtualized, uncompressed and cloud solutions.


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