Centralised System Management

An integral part of any system, large or small, DataServer allows centralised management and administration of the entire graphics infrastructure from a single location.

Any Swift Live user interfaces rely on a connection to DataServer to present graphics to the operator which allows tremendous flexibility as it allows operators to easily move around without needing fresh installtions each time, all that is required is a web browser.

Management of multiple renderers is possible from any location by accessing the system via a chrome web browser. Operators or editors can both edit and control access via this interface.

The administrator of DataServer defines which render instances are available on the network, and manages which web applications can control these machines. Individual sessions can be created for specific situations. Once a session is created, administrators can then define which users have access to each session.





Enable and Control Asset Sharing
Additionally, DataServer can enable and disable sharing of project assets such as images or videos between machines, either by handling synchronisation itself or by giving permissions to our other tools such as our Repository application.

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