Automated Project Management

Repository is a valuable tool for installations of multiple renderers and editor stations allowing central storage, management and distribution of graphics projects and assets.

The system administrator is able to create a central repository and manage its user rights and permissions. Once a graphical asset has been created on an editor, the designer checks the asset into Repository, and assigns it to the appropriate project.

These assets are then distributed to multiple playout devices in a controlled or automated way. You have the choice whether you prefer to have Repository push out the updates automatically, or allow the operator to pull the updates when needed.




Automated Management
After a project’s initial creation, any subsequent changes and modifications to any of its assets are tracked, giving you the ability to rollback to previous versions if required.

Once a designer has finished a new or updated design, all they need to do is to check it in. Repository takes care of the rest by making sure the assets are delivered to the relevant renderers.

Repository is beneficial to many installations, but is especially useful to 3 camera virtual studio systems where keeping all 3 render engines in sync is critical.

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