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Course Overview

Welcome to the RT Software Training Portal. The Broadcast Infrastructure course comprises content that helps build new skills with a suite of applications. The content specifies bespoke installation processes and use-case scenarios for NRCS, asset management and control interface software among other platforms. This course facilitates a deep understanding of RT infrastructure tools and how they integrate with each other and with existing legacy systems.

Course primary objectives

At the end of the training period, delegates will have acquired a deep and broad understanding of how the Broadcast Infrastructure software integrates within their environment and have the skills to:

  • Install and deploy all Broadcast Infrastructure software
  • Administer access appropriately at privileged levels
  • Manage assets across domains and housekeep accordingly 
  • Update graphics projects
  • Update dynamic templates
  • Drive and insert graphics templates for tx
  • Train new staff members

Who takes this course?

This course is aimed at broadcast technical operations staff at every level. The Broadcast Infrastructure course is designed to be undertaken by a number of different staff members, with different skills and different needs who require different training outcomes. The following are typical of those who will undertake a range of sessions (modules) within this course:

  • Broadcast engineers and IT personnel
  • Trainers, super-users

What you will need for the course

  1. A computer monitor.
  2. Headphones or speakers.
  3. Login, password and profile information.

What is the duration of the course

  1. As the course is online, self-paced training, viewing the content linearly will take about 1 day
  2. The duration of each Session is normally between 10 minutes and 30 minutes.

How courses are structured

  • The courses are divided into Sessions.
  • Each Session contains a number of topics along with a set of learning objectives.
  • You will access assets for each Session from within this Training Portal.
  • Internal and Vimeo videos will be linked that will guide you through all of the Sessions.
  • Text descriptions, documents, and illustrations are used in support of each Session where appropriate.

Course environment and delivery

  • Available as a set of training video tutorials, supported by documentation (this course)
  • Available as live, instructor-led remote workshop sessions using virtual machines – on request
  • Available as live, instructor-led onsite classroom sessions – on request