OEM Partners

Trusted Integrations with our OEM Partners

RT Software has a long history of providing robust integrations for our partners. We offer graphics technology that adds significant extra value to our partners’ existing product ranges.

You’ll find the RT Software graphics technology in a wide range of products including:

  • Vision Mixers/ Switchers
  • Playout Channel Branding
  • Replay Servers
  • NLE editors

If you are a technology provider interested in building a new integration with our graphics technology please take a look at our separate OEM Technology page.



Graphics for DBi

RT Software is proud to provide graphics technology to support Digital Broadcast’s media workflow products.

  • MediaFire
  • NewsBank


Graphics Integration for Grass Valley

RT Software has a long and successful relationship with Grass Valley. The mutual trust and understanding has been built up over many years working and supporting each other’s opportunities and ultimately led to us being asked to be a founding member of the GV Technology Alliance.

Grass Valley has an enviable product range, and when partnered with RT Software’s highly regarded graphics technology, together we can offer a complete set of solutions for every broadcaster’s workflows.


Sports Replay Graphics for Newtek 3Play

RT Software has been a long time supporter of NDI and is a member of the NDI Developer Network. All our Swift broadcast graphics systems come with NDI as standard, making Swift a natural choice for any NDI based solution.

Tactic is a natural partner for a Newtek replay server, and offers best in class telestration controls and analysis graphics to highlight the action of any live sports event.

We work directly with the clips being recorded on your 3Play server and add the extra graphics needed to highlight players movements and close calls. Record the finished clip back to the server, and play to air.

Supporting resources:

Our main Tactic pages explain all the detail of the products with a range of supporting video resources to share with your customers.

Software is available on our Software Downloads page, with useful demo projects and instructions.

All Newtek sales offices and its network of dealers, resellers and SIs have access to the products at a discounted rate direct from RT Software. Contact us for any support you may need.


Swift Graphics for Pebble

Our graphics technology is now an option alongside Pebble’s other internal components of their Integrated Channel device.

Most Pebble customers will be interested in using Swift as a component within their Integrated Channel. But should there be a requirement for a standalone graphics engine, this is also an option and can be controlled from Pebble’s Playout Automation product as an independent device.

To ensure there are cost savings wherever possible, we offer our integration as either a 2D or 3D option. This means graphics editor costs can also be kept low as you will only require Swift CG for 2D, or Swift CG+ for 3D.