The heart of tOG-3D rendering, the GM library, is available for 3rd party companies to OEM. Typically this is where a larger solution, such as weather or playout wants to incorporate real time graphics within a single box solution. We offer a number of unique selling points around this:

Quality – tOG-3D graphics have often led the industry in what can be rendered, live.

Efficiency – Typically OEM customers will want the rendering functionality to share system resources such as CPU and memory.

Ease of integration – Our library is based on an open architecture and its protocols are well documented.

Development support – All RT Software development is handled by one team out of one location, here from London.

OEM agreements are based around a mutually agreed specification, a fair contract that protects both parties rights and a high level of technical support.

Existing OEMs include:

Grass Valley – tOG-Sports is tightly integrated with the Summit video server and uses the touchscreen on the Dyno controller as the operator control interface. See Product Specific web page here…

S.A.M – tOG integrates tOG_DLL.dll graphics rendering library into the Snell ICE channel-in-a-box solution. See Press Releases here…

Pebble Beach Systems – tOG integrates tOG_DLL.dll graphics rendering library into their Dolphin channel-in-a-box solution.  Press Releases here…

Miranda – tOG delivers powerful 3D graphics integrated seamlessly within iTX.

Oasys – tOG delivers powerful 3D graphics integrated seamlessly within Oasys Player.

Namadgi – Watch pretty much any major sports event in Australasia and the chances are you will be seeing tOG powered graphics delivered by Namadgi.

Amisco – Amisco, leader in tracking technology and performance analysis solutions for professional football now offers tOG Sports graphics in video analysis.

Prozone – Prozone, the pioneer of performance analysis in football uses tOG Sports graphics for its video analysis service.

MasterCoach GmbH – MasterCoach Int. GmbH, a football performance analysis specialist is offering tOG Sports graphics.

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