Supported Video Formats

Swift Engine Video Specifications

RT Software’s Swift Engine is our core rendering technology used across all our broadcast products. It supports a wide and ever increasing range of video formats, transports and resolutions. The broadcast universe is expanding, and we are continually developing our support to stay at the forefront of emerging formats. Please ask us if you require something not listed as we may be already implementing it.

The following list covers all of RT Software’s broadcast products and includes SDI, uncompressed IP, NDI, and supported previewing formats.

The quantity of video inputs and outputs is dictated by the hardware cards used (although some software and operating system limitations exist aswell). To find out what video I/O is supported on different cards take a look at our Recommended Hardware page.

If you would like to understand what files can be incorporated into your templates take a look at the Supported File Formats page.


+ Broadcast Video: SDI

+ Broadcast Video: Uncompressed IP

+ HDR Colour Space

+ Broadcast Video: NDI

+ Preview / Monitoring