Tactic Pro – Next Gen Analysis™


Next Gen Analysis™ Graphics is all about using telestration to explain the more complex aspects of game play by putting a greater emphasis on the use of more powerful graphics tools.

Such expert insight appeals to sports fans, adds huge value to your content and differentiates your channel from your competitors. For example, a sequence that involves many keyframed objects that are linked together is tough to achieve with a broadcaster’s typical turn around times. But these types of complex sequences are commonplace with analysts in the sports professional workplace (clubs, associations, national teams), and this is a market where Tactic has many years of experience.

We have now brought the power of the Sports Professional market to our broadcaster customers. We think this will be an eye opener when our customers see what is now possible.

Some of these graphics may have been technically “possible” on traditional telestration systems – they certainly were on previous versions of Tactic. However the reality is that preparation would often take too long, which is why broadcasters did not take full advantage of the power available in their telestration tools. In turn, this resulted in relatively simplistic on air graphics. We believe we have solved this problem through these AI powered features.

How is this now possible to turn these around so quickly?

1. RT Software harnessed the power of AI to automate time consuming tasks:

  • assisted keyframing for video based tracking of  players (the most significant feature of them all)
  • automatic keying
  • automatic camera calibration
  • automatic pitch alignment

2. RT Software’s dominance of the Sports Professional market:

  • used by coaches, analysts and managers at sporting clubs, federations and national teams.
  • We have hundreds of intensive users regularly creating detailed game play analysis.
  • Their product feature demands have been a huge driver in bringing these enhancements to market.

Want to trial it yourself? Simply head here – the software runs on a average workstation and we have on line material to get you up and running in no time.

You can read much more about Tactic here.